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  • Hi all, I hope this isn't a repost. When I open a new tab on my Mac using the touchpad the browser automatically changes view to that new tab. If I have a mouse connected and I middle click to open a new tab, that tab opens in the background, and my view stays on my current tab. Is this a bug or a feature? I'd prefer it to be the latter. Any suggestions?

  • Just for perspective, the mouse behavior is the same as it is for me in Chrome. But I seem to remember a checkbox somewhere in the prefs that said "Open new tabs in background". Don't see that option in Vivaldi.

  • Moderator

    All "modern" browsers open new tabs in the background. In fact it is not possible to open a new tab and have it automatically gain focus, as was ALWAYS the default behavior in OldeOpera, and so the behavior to which literally millions of us became accustomed. It is the behavior we want and expect.

    However, if you like your tabs to open in the background, you can middle-click, Ctrl+click, or use a down-up mouse gesture on the link. There is not an option yet in Vivaldi to make the open-in-background behavior the default, but at least we do have to option to open it whichever way we want, and without manipulating any settings.

  • Inability to default new tabs to open in the background is the single most annoying thing about Vivaldi, for me. I'd really like to see this, at least as an option, in the near future.


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