Developer tools Full screen issue

  • I use Vivaldi 1.0.425.3 on Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11.3). When I launched Developer tools on OS X full screen mode, I can't closed Developer tools window without changing this window to default window mode. The closed button was not appear in full screen mode window of Developer tools. If I select "close tab" or "close window" of menubar, I can't close this window. If I change this window to default window, I can close this window. Because the closed button is appear on Developer tools window. This button works. Incidentally, I think this isse have exsited for quite a while. 【2016/03/19 11:48 (UTC)】 I changed the title of this topic. "Full screen Developer tools issue" → "Developer tools Full screen issue"

  • Happened to me too so I can confirm this.

  • I agree, it's quite annoying. But I'd like to see developer tools attached to the main window first. 🙂

  • Same troubles here, please fix it.

  • Same problem

  • Same issue. Running El Capitan.


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