Tab Stacks and reordering

  • Hello community! Just recently switched to Vivaldi and I'm loving it so far! I may do a longer post over the weekend about all the nits and picks, but for now I wanted to make a few suggestions regarding the Tab Stacking feature that I think are absolutely crucial: [b]• Need a way to reorder tabs within a stack[/b] - this is very important for the proper use of the the tiling feature. I'm experimenting with a way to group my references for work and the tiling feature is great for that. But some references are better positioned next to others and currently there's no way to manipulate the order of the tiles without manually taking them out of the stack and putting them back in in the desired order. [b]• Sizing of the tiles in the tab stack[/b] - currently there's no way to adjust the width and height of the tiles. I would like to see more control over how wide a column of tiles is, or how tall a row of tiles is. This will help me to better divide my space over the references I have open. [b]• Moving tabs from one stack to another [/b]- last but not least, this would be a great addition to the tab stacks feature, as currently I have to ungroup the tab I want to move to another tab stack Really want to make Vivaldi my main browser, but I absolutely need these polishes to have a tab management system that works for me. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  • Hi & welcome VV. Re your #1 & #3, until V gains sufficient functionality natively, i tend to use this extension as a vehicle to manually rearrange certain tabs in my stacks [drag & drop target tab's thumbnail in this extension's tab]. Yes it's clunky & clumsy, but needs must…


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