Weird behavior after closing the last tab

  • I absolutely love a feature of Vivaldi that when I close the last tab of a window, either by mouse gesture or by × button, it doesn't close the window just like most Mac apps do, but keep the window stayed with one Speed Dial tab available. Quite convenient (though could make it customizable for other users' preference). But this feature breaks after Snapshot 1.0.352.3 as far as I can track, and the behaviors are different and even weird, snapshot after snapshot. For example, the latest Snapshot 1.0.422.8: closing the tab by mouse gesture won't close it "visually" but then if you open another new tab, you know it was closed; and closing the tab by × button will close the window as well. Not consistent. This feature is pretty stable in beta 2 as I remembered (cause I cannot find a place to download beta 2) and previous Snapshot 1.0.344.34 as I just tried. (BTW thanks to!)


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