Cannot open more than 20 bookmarks at the same time.

  • Vivaldi doesn't seems to want to open more than 20 websites at once, contained within in a bookmark folder, even if that folder has more than 20 bookmarks in it. It will open the first 20 while completely ignoring the rest. Any reason as to why that is? I like being able to just open all the websites I'll need at once with just the middle click of my mouse. (It can open multiple instance of 20 websites though, just no more than 20 at the same time. This isn't an issue in both chrome and firefox so it's puzzling to me as to why Vivaldi would put this arbitrary limit) I don't remember this being an issue last time I tried Vivaldi (beta2, but possible that it already was a thing back then and just didn't notice as the speed dial just turned me off so much(and still does). I mean, scrolling in a speed dial? really? just have it resize to the size on my window, if I wanted to scroll, I'd just open the bookmark panel)

  • this is still an issue in the latest snapshot, why?

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    this is still an issue in the latest snapshot, why?

    Per the developers, it is not an "issue." It is on purpose. They cap the number at a level they find reasonable, to limit freezes and hangs of the browser, as well as unreasonable resource hunger.

    They have not said whether they might lift the cap once they are happy that Vivaldi's resource usage has been optimized to their satisfaction.


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