My first impressions about vivaldi

  • Since version 8.xx i was a huge fan of Opera built with Presto engine. To me that was very good web browser with high level of customization, satisfying me as a user and as a webdeveloper. When i've heard that presto opera will not be supported anymore i was really sad because there is no other browser which could be the same good as old opera and to be honest v12.17 is still in my os-es (linux and windows). Today i've read vivaldi is released and decided to give it a try and my first impression is... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A browser which probably will replace my old good opera. Tab stacking is present, starting session with tabs from last session, switching between tabs with ctrl+tab (and this switching goes in chronological way, the way i prefer) and few other things i liked in presto opera. I understand it is early version and that's why i just registered in here, i will be posting my thoughts and experience about vivaldi which now is installed on both my physical systems and 3 operating systems. The things i miss in current build (if there already exists an option to change them please tell me, i might not know it yet): -only x32 executable on windows, i would like to see also x64 one -at current state fairly poor list of settings (i would like to see enabling do not track option, option to disable autofilling forms and remembering passwords... and probably few more) -stacking tabs needs a bit of optimization, it not always works when i hover tab over other tab -key combination for settings... i think it is probably my habit from presto opera but i really prefer ctrl+F12 over alt+P, anyway, that's a thing i probably will get used to -window top bar and adress bar, etc are a bit too high and thick, a bit lower and slimmer would be better -option to empty tabs bin from bin's icon context menu -i know it is too early to demand huge things like this but i would expect equivalent of dragonfly from presto opera, sooner or later 🙂 -speeddial - i liked how it was working in presto opera where i was able to open dials by pressing ctrl+digit to open specific website from my speeddial list Is any way to import tabs from presto opera 12.17 x64 to vivaldi? Ok, time to go back to testing vivaldi on my machines 😃

  • First of all thanks for new hope! With Opera I lost it 😕
    My impressions:

      • Size of browser - 2x150MB this something. 🙂 Try to reduce size.
      • Default theme - Why tab bar is inverted? Looks strange. Need "black" background with "white" tabs.
      • Is it possible to return MDI interface? Tab window control buttons in top right corner?
      • Auto color of theme choose work not perfect. On it choose yellow. I expect green. Where we can find documentation about this function? Did it look on some kind of marks inside the page? msapplication-navbutton-color?
      • Developers Tools expect inside the window
      • Waiting for progress bar and better response time
      • will be great: Ctrl-Tab preview, View source editor with "apply" button + reload from cache, extensions, RSS reader, Shift-[Arrow] navigation, Bookmarks menu,…

    Good luck!

  • One more thing i miss and i'm using a lot in presto opera: ctrl+shift+V which stands for paste and go to the pasted address.

    And also ctrl+shift+T which was opening last closed tab.

  • My first impression was : This is what new (Chromium based) Opera should look like 🙂

  • my first impression: the Opera is back!!!! finally, this is some excellent news!!! :silly:

    le roi est mort, vive le loi!! Vivaldi (gj with the name btw) seems to be going in the right direction!

    and even tho I don't use win8 and am not used to the looks and feels, I managed to get through easily here.

    importing failed for me, but when it's ok, I move to Vivaldi as I have always been with latest presto.

    thank you and wish you guys luck and support!

  • What a disgusting design! :evil:
    And why one more Chromium bastard!?

  • So why do you use it? :whistle:

  • @spectatorx:

    One more thing i miss and i'm using a lot in presto opera: ctrl+shift+V which stands for paste and go to the pasted address.

    And also ctrl+shift+T which was opening last closed tab.

    Both of these for me, I use CTRL+Z for reopening last closed tab.
    I discovered CTRL+SHIFT+T in Chropera (that I only use on my Surface, to test it).

    My impressions, Windows 8.1:

    • It's already better then Chropera!
    • The GUI sucks, it's distracting and not coherent with the OS, the top bar is hurting my eyes
    • The "address bar" should be less saturated, I like the idea tough
    • I find the search bar inside the bookmark panel useless, in Opera I searched for them in the address bar
    • The Search Engine bar is too small, also you don't see the engine logo or you can't change the order (I suppose it's just for this alpha)
    • Can't open a bookmark by clicking with the mouse wheel
    • BOOKMARK MANAGER IS HELL ON EARTH!!! I know it's because it's an alpha, but I spent an hour moving my folders outside of the "Imported from Opera" one
    • The full name for the certificate is distracting… I prefer the simple lock, you can always expand it
    • It doesn't "share" cookies between tabs
    • It doesn't offer an option for the startup dialog when I launch it [sometimes I want to restore session (IE: after crash), sometimes don't (I closed it because I MEANT it. It's uncommon, but it happens)]
    • Vivaldi doesn't speak its own language
    • It's already better then Chropera

    Probabily tomorrow I'll try to see how it runs on my Surface, I could add something to the list.

  • I've been so frustrated with the decline of Opera from its old days when it catered to the desires of the user. Now Opera is so like other browsers there is no sense in using it. Having looked at Vivaldi, the user interface is too much like the new Opera to be desirable. Vivaldi needs to have an interface option like Opera 12 or earlier to be a satisfactory replacement.

  • I guess because Opera still keeps copy rights on Presto and Chromium is free 🙂

    (Nevertheless, I would prefer Gecko over Blink)

  • I have really enjoyed using this browser for the last day or so and has performs really well with my uses although I still keep Chrome or IE handy for the time being. I am fully aware and understand this is a tech preview (perhaps I wouldn't even call it an alpha) so I know as feedback is reported new and useful features and fine tuning will be implemented in new releases along with the cutting of the fat. I think they are on the right track here and if they keep being so this browser could easily be a default full time browser replacement for Chrome for me, but also a replacement default for anyone…especially the (former?) Opera faithful.

    Also take this for what it's worth, however Vivaldi outperformed (in at least the tests I ran) the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera on Futuremark's Peacekeeper browser benchmark.

  • It's already my defauld browser on Windws XP 32bit. Eager to try it on home's Windows 7 64bit! Welcome back my beloved browser!!!

  • Moderator

    I like it already, although there is still a long way to go before it's ready to replace Opera 12.17 (my current default browser), and I already added it to my Open In menu. I added some brief notes about Vivaldi to my Opera Review Page.

    These are the main points I look forward too:


    • Tabs to top of window
    • Skins
    • Editable Mouse Gestures
    • Email client
    • More Keyboard Customisation: Ctrl W to close tab doesn't seem to work although I added it
    • Mnemonic Keyboard Shortcuts, e.g. S,B = Show status bar
    • Launch other Windows programs with "Execute Program" shortcuts
    • Search engines


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