Request for middle-click behaviour like (old) opera

  • Greetings, as the title mentioned I'd like to request this feature, I understand maybe not everyone wants this, but perhaps the behaviour could be included as an option in the settings? Let me first say that the old opera behaviour used to be what happened in Vivaldi, but for some reason it was changed; when you highlight text it gets copied to one of the clipboards, when you middle-click anywhere in the page window (except for another url) it should put in the url into the address field and go there. This is what happened with old opera, and it used to happen with vivaldi, but ever since I think beta 2, it now puts the url into the address field and waits for enter to be pressed. This makes it really clumsy and adds an extra unnecessary step, especially if you're controlling the browser with only one arm thanks to gestures. A second related issue which old opera handled fine but which vivaldi does not, when you select multiple lines in a terminal with rectangular select (ie, hold in alt while highlighting the text, in a terminal which supports it like urxvt), let's say the url is split into two lines with a nicklist on one side and a line separator on the other, you need to select only the url which spans multiple lines in the middle field, you highlight it, and when you middle-click into the webby page, old opera went to the url as normal, but in vivaldi it inputs the url into the address field as mentioned above, but where the line was split, it puts in a %20 in the address field. So is there a chance that the old opera behaviour can be implenented? Thanks /grif

  • For me it's actually worse. Middle-clicking a link to the browser only works in the Speed Dial window, not in any other page.
    In other pages, I cannot put the clipboard content in the address field by clicking in an 'free' area of the browser page. And I cannot put it in the address field either: As soon as I click anything in there Vivaldi immediately replaces the clipboard with the current address line, highlighting it in the address field.

    This is also quite annoying if you want to edit part of the address line. It takes great care and often several clicks to un-highlight the selection so that you can edit something without deleting the whole line 😞

  • Yeah correct it's like that for me too, I had put it out of my mind because I had gotten into the flow of just opening a new tab before middle-clicking, but absolutely, we should be able to middle-click on any page, not just the speed dial page.

    Please make it so Vivaldians, restore our middle-clicking please 🙂

  • If I remember correctly, with opera 12, and middle clicking anywhere in the page (when u have a URL prepared), it would actually open a NEW tab, then paste and go…. THAT I miss!

    would love to have that back.


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