Problem initially displaying static GIF pages

  • I'm having problems with static gif websites being opened initially. If opened from an address box after typing in the URL or from an existing bookmarks bar entry via left-click, the activation command must be performed twice to get the page to display (two Enters for the address box, or two left-clicks on the bookmarks bar entry). Upon first activation, a page will start to load, then suddenly go to white-screen with a small icon in the upper center. The second activation cannot be made before the white-screening or it will have no effect and be ignored. Upon that second activation, the display appears fully and properly. Once a successful display has occurred, any further reloads of the page will succeed immediately upon the first activation attempt until either the browser's cached files/images and history have been cleared or a sufficient time has elapsed (many minutes or overnight) whereupon the problem will recur upon the first reload attempt for each site. Extensions have no effect on the problem, since it has existed since before I installed Ghostery, and disabling that now does not resolve the issue. The problem is an annoyance, largely because it alters the user's normal page-opening flow only with static gif sites, and only upon the first loading of each... hence it destroys usage consistency. The problem has existed for those Vivaldi versions at least since January 2016. Problem example sites: Bug reports have been filed: VB12717, VB14294. The 12717 report was filed in early February when I thought the problem existed only for sites opened via left-click from the bookmarks bar, and I then-believed it was related somehow to browser click-processing for such sites. Upon further exploration with URLs entered directly from the address box, it now appears instead to have to do with how the browser loads/displays a static gif site unless it can obtain it from fairly fresh browser cache/history. No cookies are set or needed by any of the sites involved.

  • This used to happen to me, but seems to be fixed in the latest snapshot.

  • The known bug still exists even in current internal Tester build.
    You have to hit F5 to get the GIF.

  • @Gwen-Dragon:

    The known bug still exists even in current internal Tester build.
    You have to hit F5 to get the GIF.

    Well not for me, not anymore. Windows 7 x64 latest snapshot.

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