[Solved] Stored Password Security

  • How are stored passwords secured in Vivaldi? Firefox encrypts them when you set a master password. Where would I find documentation which might answer questions such as this? Is there an option to view stored passwords (like Firefox has)?

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi uses the encryption password manager of the Linux, f. ex. Gnome Keyring or kdewallet.

    Passwords in Vivaldi can be inspected with opening chrome://settings/passwords/

  • On my setup the passwords are not secured at all (not regarding the obfuscation by sqlite as security), and can be retrieved from a terminal through:

    sqlite3 ~/.config/vivaldi*/Default/Login\ Data 'select origin_url,username_value,password_value from logins'

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    So you dont use a passwortmanager on your Linux which protects you logins.

  • I use neither gnome nor kde (or any other desktop environment), and thus not gnome keyring or kdewallet. And I don't really see any use for a login/password manager outside of my browser. However, if vivaldi actually doesn't store passwords as plain text in the "Login Data" database, I'd consider setting up kdewallet (or, preferably, a vivaldi-compatible manager that doesn't pull in a lot of kde or gnome dependencies).


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