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  • When I click a link, a button, type an address in the address bar and press enter - it's like nothing is happening. There is no user feedback! Basic interaction rule #1: provide instant user feedback when they do something. I click, I wait.... nothing happens, I click again, again, again, OH all of a sudden the action I was trying to perform takes place. There is a progress bar in the address bar - I know this - but there is a significant lag between clicking a link and it appearing. For some actions it doesn't appear at all (particularly in page javascript driven behaviour). I've compared the behaviour with other browsers; Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer. Firefox and Chrome, as soon as you click something a spinner animation appears in the tab letting you know something is going on. The progress bar in the Safari address bar appears instantaneously. See my attachments for the same state in Firefox vs. Vivaldi. To reproduce, try a slow network - the network I'm on currently has very high load which means DNS lookups are slow. So it is incredibly obvious. Surely I'm not the only one who has noticed or been frustrated by this? Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

  • It happens to me sometimes, nothing happens when I click a link, the only solution I found was right click and open that link in a new tab. Old opera trick.

  • I have this issue when testing a website I'm developing locally.

    After making some code changes and clicking refresh there's a lengthy delay while the web server (IIS) spins back up. The only feedback that Vivaldi gives is the refresh button changes to a stop button. I have a habit of missing this and digging around in the server output to see if it's actually starting back up.

    Vivaldi really needs something like a spinner to cover the delay between request and response. I'm assuming the address bar loading progress starts after the initial http response and shows the progress of the pages dependencies.

  • Yeah, this wasn't an issue in preivous snpashots I think, it started with the one before latest maybe. It's kinda annoying because you are left somewhat clueless wondering if the site is just taking a bit longer loading or it's something else. Hope it'll get solved soon. 😞

  • Oh, thank goodness it's not just me.
    I've just come to Vivaldi today; I'm a developer and this afternoon's task has been very AJAX heavy. I'm really impressed by Vivaldi, but this is one issue that really alarmed me. I need to know I'm at least waiting for a page load, not a missing onclick event or what-have-you.
    Just a little spin on the site icon or a hint in the status bar would be enough to know something's happening.

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    When they first incorporated a "progress indicator" into the address bar, this was working. That is to say, as soon as the browser sent a request to the server for the page, the address bar would turn a light blue, so you knew it was doing something (waiting for a response). Then when the server responded, the light blue would retreat at the same rate as the page was loading, and it would be all white again when the page loaded.

    NOW, it doesn't turn blue until the remote server begins to respond or until the page actually begins to load.

    I preferred the original behavior. A blue bar told me the request had been sent.

  • Even better to see a text like in the Opera 12 popup progressbar like

    • request send
    • waiting for response
    • receiving data

  • @saudiqbal:

    It happens to me sometimes, nothing happens when I click a link, the only solution I found was right click and open that link in a new tab. Old opera trick.

    A lame question but still … did you install the latest Vivaldi update?
    I'm asking, because some months ago I had this same thing, happening to me in a particular forum.
    I couldn't open a link in a new tab by clicking it, so I had to use the "open in a new tab" option.
    Then some new snapshot of Vivaldi was released and after installing it, the problem was exterminated.

    Using win 8.1.

  • This behaviour is still happening with the latest version at the moment: 1.4.589.38.

    This behaviour is vary frustrating and makes me want to switch back to Opera.

  • Funny in my latest 1.4 there is the loading text on bottom left, then there is indicator bar on address field, and there's indicator bar in tabs too under the title 🙂

  • Same here, address bar doesn't show any indication of activity until after the server has responded, then you get the coloring indicating it's actually working. On slow sites, this leaves you wondering whether it registered the click or not.

  • Well I noticed this Forum is slow to respond too on a mouse click.

    But what I did is to check chrome://flags for 2 settings that affect Tablets.(Win10 has tablet settings too) Since I'm using Vivaldi on Win10 Desktop, I don't need Tablet "awareness" settings in standby since its just my PC.

    went to the chrome://flags settings
    I switched "Enable Touch Events" to Disabled, rather than Auto.
    And "Touch Adjustment" to Disable, restarted Vivaldi and the mouse clicks on links seems to respond quicker, almost like the keyboard Enter key, seems like it to me.


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