Vivaldi always starts with 2 tabs, I want only 1

  • I have installed the Eversync and FVD Speeddial extensions and want Vivaldi to start up giving only the FVD speeddial. Now when I start Vivaldi I always get 2 tabs, one with the Vivaldi speeddial and one with the FVD speeddial. How can I prevent the Vivaldi speeddial to open as well? Startup is set to ¨Startpage¨ and startpage = vivaldi://newtab/#

  • Moderator

    For now, until this bug is fixed, set your startup to "Specific Pages" and insert the address you want there (newtab, I suppose).

  • Thanks for your input. It does noet seem wo work. I have set to start a specific site and then entering in Startsite:

    • ¨newtab¨, which get prefix http://, does only start one tab, but obviously displays ¨webite not fond¨
    • ¨vivaldi://newtab#/, also opens only 1 tab with URL ¨¨
    • ¨chrome://newtab#/, does open the FVD Speed dial, but without the dials, only blank page

    Any further ideas maybe? Thanks!


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