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  • I didn't knew whether I should create this thread in the general Vivaldi subforum or in the Vivaldi for Windows, but I figured if there are more threads and responses here, this should be the place to go. I'm using Google Chrome as my browser right now and I check every few days for a new Vivaldi snapshot, the only thing that keeps me from dumping Chrome and switching to Vivaldi is the lack of Sync feature, but this aside, I have a feature proposition for you here. On the picture below yo can see the different context menus that appear on right click. I think that Chrome has them in better order and it has an option to "search Google for image" I don't know if you can implement that, considering legal issues and stuff, but it would really save the trouble of having to enter "images.google.com" and them pasting the image's URL in order to search for it. This is for the convenience of users, I hope there are other people that would agree with me on this one. [img]http://i.imgur.com/kEvSPSb.png[/img]

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    The only way to go in the long term is to allow users to customise their menus, as in Opera 12.17. As you can see, my Opera context menu is heavily customised to suit my workflow.


    It is a stated goal of the Vivaldi team to implement as much as they can of the features that they know their friends love, and customisability is a frequent request.

    However, it will take time.

  • Hi,

    I have a big problem. I use an extension named OneTab. To use it, I would need the context menu for extensions. But it seems to Vivaldi doesn't have this option. When I right click the icon of the extension, there is only on option: hide button. Is there a workaround for this?


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