[solved] Make Thunderbird open links in Vivaldi

  • I set my default browser to Vivaldi. When I click on an HTML file in Dolphin, it opens in Vivaldi, but when I click on a link in Thunderbird, it opens in Firefox. How do I fix this? I didn't see anything obvious in Thunderbird Advanced Preferences. Thanks. Joe Vivaldi-beta 3 / Kubuntu 12.04 with backports / KDE 4.14.2 / Thunderbird 38.6.0 / Firefox 45.0

  • Hello,

    It's not on Thunderbird's side but more a KDE setting.
    I don't use KDE, but on MATE (based from GNOME 2) there is a setting screen "Default applications" where you can set the default browser for web pages, default mail client, … And this works with Vivaldi. Thunderbird opens links in new tab.

    Here is KDE's doc about this : https://userbase.kde.org/System_Settings/Default_Applications

  • That's what I meant by "I set my default browser to Vivaldi." I did that first before posting. That's why Dolphin did the "right" thing. For some reason, Thunderbird appears to be ignoring that setting.

    I have my beefs with Mozilla, but I don't think they're evil and doing it on purpose.


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  • I'm not a thunderbird user, so I haven't tried it for a long time.
    In thuderbird go:
    Edit –> Preferences --> Advanced
    Search for those entries:

    Make them true. And add a string. Point it to the place of your executable(browser) e.g. /usr/bin/vivaldi-snapshot

  • Thanks. That fixed it. After making those config setting changes, I clicked on a link and it asked me what app to use. I told it /usr/bin/vivaldi and all was good.

  • It didn't give me anywhere to add a string, but when I clicked on a link it asked me what app to use and I told it there.

    I did this many years ago when I was getting Firefox and Thunderbird to work together on Win 98. Seeing those settings reminded me of it.


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