What files are important for backup?

  • Hi. I want automate backup of Vivaldi user settings and content, but whole folder \AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\ is big and contains tons of not necessary caches and etc. What files are really important for user settings of browser, notes, bookmarks, window and bars settings, passwords (no wand.dat ๐Ÿ˜ž ), extensions and ext. settings? Against Opera 12 is Vvaldi user profile folder little bit a mess ๐Ÿ˜› Thank you for your suggestions!

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    Generally, the User Data/Default file.

  • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope in some specific files, but whole folder is also solution. Some non-essential folders and files must be logically excluded from backup. So I backup only these and if someone know about something what I ignored or is unnecessary backup let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Folders with it's content:

    • Extension Rules
    • Extension State
    • Extensions
    • File System
    • GCM Store
    • Local App Settings
    • Local Extension Settings
    • Service Worker
    • Session Storage
    • Sessions
    • Sync Extension Settings
    • Web Applications


    • Bookmarks
    • Bookmarks.bak
    • Current Session
    • Current Tabs
    • Last Session
    • Last Tabs
    • Login Data
    • Login Data-journal
    • Notes
    • Notes.bak
    • Preferences
    • Secure Preferences

    ("History" files is not necessary for me)

    BTW is somewehere some basic documentation about what every profile file and folder contains and what for?

  • Hi. I've been using V for ~13 months now, & over that time via experimentation have progressively culled down my V backup sources. I began with the entire Default folder, but became dissatisfied at the conceptual inefficiency of that, given the majority of its files are not uniquely "mine", hence add no value from being included [& therefore [i]notionally slightly extend the backup process duration & storage demand (both of these concerns are mainly philosophical rather than purely pragmatic, but i'm an idealist/idiot)]. Here's a pic of my current practice, fyi:


    PS - Earlier i used to take the trouble to also include all my Extensions' folders & files, so i could theoretically "rebuild" my V customisations fully from a restored backup onto a virgin installation, without needing to individually download & install each Extension. I eventually abandoned that concept & excluded all those files/folders, once i discovered that [as has been frequently canvassed in various old topics/posts] a V installation so-rebuilt tended most of the time [for me, anyway] to obliterate all those restored Extensions upon first start, thus defeating the purpose & necessitating the manual individual Ext. DL/install anyway.

  • Thank you very much for your contribution and info! It will be very helpful, I make a little changes in my backuping.

    But I still hope and looking for syncing with server รกla Opera Link with little bit more features ๐Ÿ™‚

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    The Login database can only be restiore on the same Windows version and hardware and User account because the key for encryption is bound to that special user!

  • Wow. That is really safe but also a little HUGE problem. If I must reinstall, upgrade Windows (7 > 10) or change user account in Windows I lost my saved passwords in Vivaldi because in new installations I cannot restore them? I probably misunderstood.

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    Yes, you understand right. Reinstall, upgrade, user change โ€“ with all severe changes: you will loose the Vivaldi passwords.
    That is a decision by Chromium developers as a sort of "safety" mode.

    In Vivaldi you should use Keepass2 with ChromeIpass extension, that has a own password database. And you can store/restope your passwords with a userdefined key after reinstalling/upgrading/userchange Windows.
    And you can even use the Keepass2 database on Linux.

    I have these two because i hated the loosing of passwords after reinstalling my Win 7 last year.

    When Vivaldi Sync is ready (in some months i hope) you will also have the ability to store/restore all Vivaldi data on your own server/cloud, in a local place, on your NAS or on Vivaldi server. All safean encrypted.

  • Oh my god, that is really wonderfulโ€ฆ Thank you for info, I will backup passwords as soon as possible.


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