Problems with extentions and more

  • Hello, I installed today vivaldi 1.0.403.24 (Beta 3) beta (64-bit) version and started to use it and customized, but I start to have more and more problems with it. I first installed xnotifier and I imported my previous configuration file. At first it worked but after 2-3 times the main popup window of the extention, which open when left click on its icon never appear again. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the extension several times but never worked again. I can get the notification but I cannot open any email. I thought that maybe there are compability problems with vivaldi at first but after some more extensions I installed this problem(the extension button to don't do anything) start to appear in other extensions too. Also after I installed speeddial extension another problem appear. Vivaldi cannot remember the previous opened tabs after I close it, I lost all bookmarts which I had set to default start page, the window doesn't start maximized any more. I don't know if all these are related to a specific extension or are vivaldi' s bugs but none of these can be fixed even if I disable all extensions.


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