General and high consumption of RAM

  • I've been using Vivaldi from the beginning and I must admit that has advanced enough, but there are some things that still do not work as they should. For example, ctrl + u to view page source may not work, also ctrl + f to find something on the page. That, I suppose, you will be mending as you go. However the biggest problem I find is the high consumption of RAM compared to Firefox, Chrome or Slimjet. Thanks.

  • Thanks. I know it´s not an important issue, I´m only highlighting the differences.
    I´ve 2 MB of RAM.
    For example, visiting (one tab), in task manager

    Vivaldi physical memory 51%
    Slimjet physical memory 45%
    Firefox physical memory 50%

  • Today (11/08/16) installed v 1.3.551.30.
    Regrettably RAM consumption continues to be higher than Chrome, FF and Slimjet, for us, 2MB memory users.
    FF is 10% less.
    Chrome 12% less.
    Slimjet 11% less.


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