General and high consumption of RAM

  • I've been using Vivaldi from the beginning and I must admit that has advanced enough, but there are some things that still do not work as they should. For example, ctrl + u to view page source may not work, also ctrl + f to find something on the page. That, I suppose, you will be mending as you go. However the biggest problem I find is the high consumption of RAM compared to Firefox, Chrome or Slimjet. Thanks.

  • The memory usage is not as bad as you write. Have no problem here since the builds included tab hibernation, Can easily open over 40 tabs without running into issues.

    But it is true that Vivaldi needs a bit more memory than Chrome, because of the nature the UI is created. That can not be avoided sadly. If i start the browser with only one tab, the additional memory consumption is between 30-50 MB more, i really see this as no issue.

    If you have 8 GB Ram or more, this extra memory consumption is no issue at all.

  • Thanks. I know it´s not an important issue, I´m only highlighting the differences.
    I´ve 2 MB of RAM.
    For example, visiting (one tab), in task manager

    Vivaldi physical memory 51%
    Slimjet physical memory 45%
    Firefox physical memory 50%

  • Pretty sure there are more optimizations upcoming at a later point, after all Vivaldi is a heavy work in progress :)

  • Today (11/08/16) installed v 1.3.551.30.
    Regrettably RAM consumption continues to be higher than Chrome, FF and Slimjet, for us, 2MB memory users.
    FF is 10% less.
    Chrome 12% less.
    Slimjet 11% less.

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