Switching from Opera 12 to Vivaldi - experiences, requests, nonsenses

  • Hi. I'm waiting for a long time for winner in imaginary battle Chromera (known as Opera 15+) and Vivaldi. I choose you, Vivaldi! 😉 But, as I know - its still non-final version, there is some things which I see as strange, unfinished, wrong and etc. And I would highlight them and know opinions and suggestions from other more experienced users. So... [ol] [li]It should be great if Vivaldi have some Opera-like "opera:config" where should everyone change many of settings that are not in standard settings...   [/li] [li]...For example for possibility to change location of user profile. I want installed browser properly for being as "Default browser" on system and use auto updating, but separated Vivaldi installation and Vivaldi profile is uncomfortable for backups of whole Vivaldi - If I must, I want only install clear Vivaldi (for registry records) and then copy-paste backuped version of Vivaldi - One Vivaldi, One Folder. In Opera just edit operaprefs_default.ini and add [System] Multi User=0.   [/li] [li]Tab Bar on left side and selected: Tab Colors - Use page theme color. But if I change tab why is changing color rest of upper part of whole window? Tabs are on left side, not up side. Maybe should not be a problem, but Bookmark Bar changing color too with no real reason - and if if is some red favicon on Bookmark Bar and whole bar cahnge his color to red, I see nothing. Bookmark Bar should have same unchangeable color as Interface color (Light, Dark) .   [/li] [li]And, of course, I really want Bookmark bar on left side between tabs and webpage itself - as I can set in Opera.   [/li] [li][strike]I want select which bookmarks and bookmarks folders will be on Bookmarks Bar. Now I have everything from Bookmars also on Bookmarks Bar and I cannot "unpin" unwanted from that.[/strike]   [/li] [li]And what about transparent interface like Opera 12 has? Only on upper part of browser and Tab Bar background.   [/li] [li][strike]Doubleclick on empty space on Tab Bar cannot open new tab 😞 I clicking like a madman and nothing happens. Same as middeclick (click by middle mouse button).[/strike]   [/li] [li]I appreciate some more visible tab-grouping. These little shadow things under tabs are overlookedable and not much significant.   [/li] [li]Also should be nice if I can move gouped tabs in same group.   [/li] [li]And also should be nice if I can only frag one tab from group and drop them on empty space in Tab Bar OR drop them on other tab and make other group form them (or drag-droping tabs from one group to other).   [/li] [li]If I have Bookmark Tab enabled and open more tabs in left-sided Tab Bar I see vertical slider. Annoying.   [/li] [li]Add possibility for [strike]hide whole Search field (between address field and extension buttons) and[/strike] removing all buttons from left side of address field: Forward, back, reload and home.   [/li] [li]Please, add possibility to change position of name of tabs - upper name of tab still confuse me and I clicking on wrong tabs still and still. From Opera i used to names on bottom of tabs and with current Vivaldi settings and lok of tabs I don't know where one tab ends and other beginning. Unactive tabs has same interface color and active tabs has coloured only name of tab but bothing more visually separates apart. Vivaldi has square tabs, in Opera was tabs with rounded edges, so tabs was visually more separated. But tab names on bottom of tabs is still necessary 🙂   [/li] [li]Hibernating background-opened tabs is great idea that saves used memory, electricity, air, trees, lives and etc 🙂 But if I, for example, open meny of tabs from Feedly RSS feeds for following later reading, I see only many of "blank-tabs" , no preview of what I open on background.   [/li] [li]If I use middle mouse button on some long page for move quickly on other part of page I would expect stop moving when I use mouse wheel for only few steps regulation of position on page. But now mouse wheel have no effect for middle-mouse moving, I must click and then use wheel moves.   [/li] [li]Also moving on page via middle-mouse cklick is too much fast. Only a little move up/down make move so fast that I expect blast from overcoming the sound barrier.   [/li] [li]I set keystroke Ctrl+B as "Paste & Go", it works. But if I have some search engine alias (like "i" for IMDb) and to address field put i (space) and then press Ctrl+B I get searching of text from clipboard in default search engine (Google). I expect search text from clipboard on IMDb (in this case). Alias (space) and Paste&Go keystroke should search clipboard text in aliased page.   [/li] [li]Speed Dial: Changing size of Speed Dials preview windows. I want more widescreen previews instead of some 4:3 version and i little more bigger. Ctrl + +/- have no effect for magnifying previews.   [/li] [li]Speed Dial: What about possibility for set own speed dial preview image? Many of generated previews are not really... nice. There is still [url=http://miya2000.github.io/opera/idg/dial_generator.html]one good old page[/url] with this great function, but its still workaround solution.   [/li] [li]Speed Dial: There is also necessity for similar solution for SD folders icons/previews. If I disable showing names of SD items, every SD folder is absolutely same. If I want more folders without disturbing text showed as names I will be putting cursor on every folder to find what I find instead only quick look on folder picture of folder name showed IN folder-preview picture (not above).   [/li] [li]Speed Dial: What about "Autoload in interval" feature for SD items (like Opera 12)? I use it for example for Google calendar in (bigger) SD preview.   [/li] [li]God bless anyone who bring synchronizations to Vivaldi - notes, bookmarks, panels positions, installed extensions with their settings, passwords (if someone need it) and other user-defined settings.   [/li] [li][strike]Possibility to control what I have in contact menu. If I install AdBlock extension, that add some needles item to context menu  [/strike] [/li] [li]Possibility to change positions of extension buttons on right side of Address Bar.   [/li] [li]Some extension buttons has transparent numbers, like Gmail Notifier, and color cannot be changed. Is that Vivaldi problem or extension developer must affect it?   [/li] [li]Same as Tempermonkey, user-javascript manager - it should show button on right address bar side, but its not. Vivaldi problem or ext. developer must fix it?   [/li] [li]If I add Web panel I cannot move with his content. So if content is wider than wide-size of panel I cannot show that. In Opera I can use horizontal move via mouse-middleclick.   [/li] [li]Should be great if I can set size of content in Web Panel. 80% size of page in panel should be enough in some cases.   [/li] [li]In Opera I really often use paste some content of note via context menu (via Opera again). Vivaldi has not this feature and really need it!   [/li] [li]If I open some link via middle mouse button to background tab, sometimes its opens next to active tab and sometimes at the end of Tab Bar behind every other tabs that have nothing similar with active parent tab - weird.   [/li] [li]How can I control max size of cache? Today I stared at the 1,5 GB Vivaldi cache folder :-o That is not normal.   [/li] [li]I want some non-autofill feature like Opera has - I only put some informations like name, post address, telephone number and e-mail address and this information will be whispered when I write first of some of this letter or number. And if I clear autofill data this information still be there - static data information. And I don't want "credit card number" fileds, I want only separated space for 5 e-mail addresses, street and number of street, post code, country, two or three tel. numbers and fileds for some nicks that I using.   [/li] [li]Drag tab, move above Notes panel and drop should make note with filled address of tab.   [/li] [li]Cannot make own search that use POST command. Even make it manually by write whole URL and comman - there are no filed for POST command.   [/li] [/ol] That is all, for now :silly: Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/22728/opera12.jpg[/img],[img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/22728/vivaldi.jpg[/img]


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