FF style bookmarks?

  • Impressive so far. Other than the[strike] Windows 3.11[/strike] kindergarten Material Design 3 colour, plain look. Sorry, but MD sucks and proves we should have never developed CSS 3, HTML 5 or graphics cards above 8 bits. More to the point though is I have not discovered a way to get bookmarks in the menu to behave like the Firefox/Netscape/IE bookmarks. So far I have to navigate too damn much and then [u]double click[/u] on the bookmark link. What have I missed or is there no way around this? thanks

  • There have been 2 schools of thought generally about clicking entries to open them. If the target's on a task bar, button bar, bookmarks bar, etc. a single-click has been the opening/activating mechanism of choice for some time. If it's in a list or array (file list, bookmarks list, desktop icon displays, etc), a double-click has been the usual approach to opening/activating. In recent years, there has been a greater adoption of single-clicking to open/activate a listed target, or at least providing an option for that. However, if the listed item is being moved via drag-drop, single-clicking-to-open increases the chances of inadvertently opening the target, rather than initiating its move… so there's a trade-off involved with single-click in a list.

    In any case, at this point in its evolution, Vivaldi only treats the bookmarks on a list in the more traditional way (double-click to open). what lies ahead, when, or if, depends on the developers. You're not the first to suggest the idea, so it's likely already on their list of things to at least explore in coming days.

  • MD is awesome, and you're wrong. See how personal preference works?

  • Id say material design is fairly low on the priority list. Functionality comes first i would have thought.

  • @LouWTFY4CharacterUsername?:

    …and then double click on the bookmark link.

    Double click to open bookmark links is also a barrier for me :S An option would be great :side:

  • Lou… I agree. An option is required.


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