Image scaling on HiDPI displays

  • I'm running Vivaldi on a 4k HiDPI display (on openSUSE Linux/KDE, but I guess this is a general issue). Font sizes are magically adapted so I can easily read everything 😉 and images are automatically scaled to match. However this can be really annoying, as this makes some images not fit my vivaldi window (I'm not running fullscreen, 'only' 2600x1750). Even loading a 1280x960 image will try to fill the width and then not fit the height anymore 😞 Is there a way to change/adjust this?

  • Just been hit by this issue again, a bit harder this time. There are online tutorials about photo and monitor calibration that use images to adjust, e.g., the gamma setting of the display (here one example)
    This is done by using dark/bright line grids. But of course the image rescaling that Vivaldi applies to the image ruins this approach, and if you don't realize the error you'll completely mess up your calibration....

    Is there really NO WAY to display a single image at it's nominal size?

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