UI randomly becomes unresposive since Beta 3 update.

  • Ever since I got the browser updated to the newest Beta 3 sometimes it will stop registering my clicks con the window, with the whole UI becoming unresposive except the window close button (maximize/minimize don't work as the window isn't able to be resized or moved either). Happens most often when loading a relatively heavy website like the Twitter timeline or Twitch.tv frontpage. It's not a resource usage problem as the CPU doesn't use any more CPU than usual, and any media playing on any tab on the browser keeps playing with no issue whatsoever and no stuttering, it's only the UI that craps out. I can't click on anything, can't scroll, and any UI elements just freeze, including the small speaker animation on a tab that's playing media. My flags, extensions and settings are exactly the same as the ones I used with Beta2, and it's a direct upgrade over it using the automatic update function. After a couple seconds (maybe 10 or so) Windows will fade out the window and put a non responding alert on it. This problem is getting really annoying and I didn't have it with the Beta 2, so maybe it's related to a recent change.

  • Same problem for me.

  • I have the same issue

  • Moderator

    Which CPU do you have?
    Did you try Latest Snapshot?
    The 1.0.420.4 may have some slowing/nanging issue on Windows. But this is fixed in internal build and may be released as fixed in this week's snapshot.

  • Does it matter what CPU we have? With previous builds no problem at all on my Core 2 Duo 6750E with 4GB RAM, after beta 3, hdd wont stop to run and tabs do respond much much slower, some OPEN IN NEW TAB even does not do any action…ive tested with snapshot and its the same as with Beta 3...stopped to use Vivaldi 2 days ago until its solved and im back to Opera 12...

  • It would be nice to be able to download and install beta2 for people who have problems
    with beta3. Please make this possible by adding it in "download.


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