Forum <title>tag needs to be updated to prioritize the thread name</title>

  • Right now the thread titles are like this: Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Vivaldi Forum - Bookmarks Sorting This is a problem because if you do a site search on Google, titles end up getting truncated which makes the search results useless. Sample search URL: Forum's internal search is quite useless in my experience. PS: I understand that you guys plan to move to NodeBB in coming weeks which is likely to fix this issue. PS: If this has already been raised, my apologies as I could not find any related thread using the search features available to me!

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    I full agree.

    The title of the "article"/post is important for user information. Even in previews, bookmarks, HTML title-attributes etc.
    First the thread title, then subforum title, then domain/community name.

    Dear admins, please change this.

  • One of the Vivaldi site members, Isildur, wrote a nice little workaround for use on the Vivaldi website that you create and load as an Extension. It works. It's worked flawlessly with every singe version of Vivaldi since he wrote the first version back in October of 2015.

    I just discovered Isildur has written an even better version of his Extension and it too works flawlessly even in the current x64 version 1.0.420.4 Snapshot of Vivaldi that crashes at the drop of a blackbird:-

    Reader Beware! 🙂 The planned forum/site software change may not work with the Extension and it may or may not 'fix' the problem on your machine.


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