Snapshot 1.0.420.4 - Search suggestion and further bug fixing

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    [quote=ruario] We wanted to give you a small update snapshot with some of our latest fixes before the weekend, so you would have something new and shiny to play with. We are working on a new feature (search suggestions) but the main focus is once again bug fixing. As always we have tried to pick out a few that you have highlighted here or on social media, including YouTube videos not playing within the web panels—a very nice use of panels by the way—and we added sorting on the bookmarks bar. If your "pet bug" has not been fixed yet, don't worry at the rate we are going we may get to it soon![/quote] [i][b]Chromium update[/b] We bumped a major version of Chromium in this build. These updates sometimes have a few extra issues, so watch out for problems and regressions. We need your help in finding any new issuested to that[/i] [b]Known issues[/b] Offscreen thumbnails used by Speed Dial are never generated (VB-13085): If you don't reload them, or add new URLs via the Speed Dial directly then you should not see the issue We are aware that some people are having serious issues with this build. If you want to test nonetheless and help us fine the problems you can manually upgrade (auto update is disabled)

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