Support For Popup Windows (Selecting Data & Sending Back to Main Tab)???

  • I have tried searching but the results were in a different language. I keep trying to use Vivaldi, but it is missing a single feature and I cannot believe that it is not something that is supported yet. So am I doing something wrong, or is this truly not available? When using a website, such as Salesforce, there are often times lots of popup windows to select information that gets passed back to the main tab. For example, when selecting an email template, you hit the button to select a template, Salesforce launches a popup window with your list of templates, you select one and the window closes automatically, passing the choice back to your main tab. The same functionality exists for other lookups that you need to do. All of the time, Vivaldi refuses to open these in a new window. Most of the time, Vivaldi refuses to load them at all in a new tab. When they do successfully load in a new tab, most of the time the data selected is not passed over to the main tab. It seems to me that there is no popup window support in Vivaldi. I have tried doing the chrome settings hack but that doesn't do anything. What exactly is this feature called? Is this a bug that has existed from day 1 or is this a feature that is not supported?


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