Couple of annoyances / bugs on both Linux and Windows

  • Hello, couple of things that tend to weary me ; thx for help 🙂 [li] [color=#44bb00]LINUX[/color] - Passing mouse over tab does not show [b]page thumbnails[/b] ( it works pretty well on Windows ). Though, at rare occasions, it happens thumbnail is coming, but the moment after I cannot get it. Even waiting for 10 seconds on tab or somehow put focus on it ( right-click or whatever ) does not make it come ( so I don't think it is some system slowness at stake here ).[/li] [li] [color=#44bb00]LINUX[/color] & [color=#0088ff]WINDOWS[/color] - Vivaldi [b]key navigation is conflicting[/b] with some website ones. For instance, on, CTL+M is taken into account by both the site and Vivaldi. Same with many sites where you can enter rich-text (e.g. Google Docs ), CTL+B toggles on/off bold text on the site BUT ALSO displays bookmark manager in Vivaldi ( opening a new tab, hiding the one where you were entering some text).[/li] [li] [color=#44bb00]LINUX[/color] & [color=#0088ff]WINDOWS[/color] - Vivaldi takes [b]more than 10 seconds to start[/b] on Windows. And it is often [b]20s[/b] on Linux.[/li] [li] [color=#44bb00]LINUX[/color] - When closing Vivaldi, there is always a [b]process that remains unkilled[/b], related to Flash AFAIU : [code]/opt/vivaldi-snapshot/vivaldi-bin (...) --ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib64/chromium/PepperFlash/ --ppapi-flash-version=[/code][/li] I am very pleased and enthusiastic with Vivaldi, despites these annoyances. :woohoo: Vivaldi is my default browser for more than a year, in my everyday work on both Linux and Windows systems. I was a early adopter of Opera, before 2000, and never would have thought that I will have to get away from it. But you are aware of the major rupture that came since Opera version 15. I stuck to Opera 12 but is getting quite old now. Hence you can imagine all my happiness and relief when I heard about Vivaldi. And so am I a early adopter of your product as well, since January 2015, more than a year ago. Already ! Cheers ! I am glad "original opera" spirit is back, thanks to your work. The only thing I am still missing from original Opera is its mail client. I am still an everyday heavy user of Opera M2, as I have not found any other valuable alternative apps. But I am confident this will change : I have read you are working on "M3"... :side: --------- Some info about my Linux environment, regarding the annoyances I have reported : - [color=#44bb00]LINUX[/color] is OpenSuSE Tumbleweed x64 - UI is KDE 5.19.0 / Plasma 5.5.3 still in X11 ( no wayland ) - Vivaldi 1.0.418.3 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) Same version of Vivaldi on my [color=#0088ff]Windows[/color] 7 x64 Enterprise version. Regards.

  • @Ra0__:

    • LINUX - When closing Vivaldi, there is always a process that remains unkilled, related to Flash AFAIU :```
      /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/vivaldi-bin (...) --ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib64/chromium/PepperFlash/ --ppapi-flash-version=

    I was having this issue just a couple weeks ago; I also noticed vivaldi was eating a portion of my CPU & I/O, and some things were temporarily freezing for no real reason. I thought maybe it was due to a snapshot, so I fell back a couple versions, removed all instances of pepper flash, re/moved my configs, etc…

    In the end I came across a thread (not sure which one anymore) where this was experienced on a much older build and was supposedly 'fixed' since… I'm pretty sure I ended up killing vivaldi and removing "~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Top Sites-journal" to solve it.

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