Bug: handling of "concurrent" keyboard and mouse events

  • Not sure if this has been reported before (I admit, I only enter the forums when I have something particular to write). The problem described here applies to I-don't-know-how-many-versions-back; i.e. it has been there since I've started using Vivaldi. They can be observed on all platforms I use: Linux and Mac. There's things you can do using keyboard or mouse, e.g. closing a tab or selecting a different tab. These two in particular can go along with significant latency when using the keyboard. The way the software deals with these effects leads to significant inconsitencies and even annoyances in everyday use. [b]1. switching tabs: [/b] I have many tabs open and use <enter-your-shortcut-here>to switch to the next open tab. Nothing happens. I may repeat entering my shortcut, no effect. I use the mouse to select the next tab, immediate effect. Fine, I start reading. Half way through the page suddenly my previous keyboard activity shows an effect - warp, I'm on page n + 2. [b]2. closing tabs: [/b] This is almost similar to case 1. I try to close the current tab using the keyboard. Nothing happens. I might now sit there waiting for several minutes, but instead I decide not to and either close the page using the mouse with immediate effect or switch tabs to another page. In either case the previously triggered "close tab" will have an effect at some time when I absolutely don't expect it, i.e. the active tab at that time will be closed. [b]Possible ways out[/b] This is probably not easy to fix in a consistent way that does not lead into more inconsistencies. Some thoughts on this: 1. Get rid of the latency when trying to do these things using the keyboard. A must anyway, but probably nevertheless not enough. 2. When dealing with mouse events, check whether there are still "related" keyboard events pending. The big question will be to decide what is "related". When talking about tab-related interaction this seems pretty straightforward though. Just not sure if there is not more waiting for us of which we don't know yet.</enter-your-shortcut-here>

  • Just a short side note, related or not: Sometimes Vivaldi kind-of gets stuck when (re-) loading a page. If I am on a tab, press "reload" (regardless whether using mouse or keyboard) and try to navigate to the next open tab using the keyboard, the event does not get handled before the page has finished loading. If I use the mouse instead, I can switch tabs instantly.


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