Opera adds native ad blocker

  • Here: http://www.opera.com/blogs/desktop/2016/03/native-ad-blocking-feature-opera-for-computers/ We all know how much faster the web loads with ad blockers. I mean, in my case I save huge amounts of bandwidth every month. But Opera now seems they will ship a native ad blocker which means it will be even faster since its build right into the browser as opposed to an extension which could have a tiny delay. I was wondering if this is a good idea or bad. One one part, browser developers don't want to do this, because they don't want to alienate many websites that live from ads, and while I didn't had major problems with websites, I had to turn the ad blocker with some particular websites off in order to get forms and other things to work correctly. On the other side, ad blockers are becoming more and more standard to the point that more than one browser will ship with an ad blocker as default in the future. It seems ad blockers will be something default just like popup blockers are today in every browser. I like to call them ad network blockers, because if you host the ads locally in your website, they are not blocked. Somehow I prefer that approach, in the past, websites managed their ads themselves before this big networking agencies took over adding latency problems and security problems by injecting malware. Maybe ad blockers push website owners on selling space hosted directly again in order to avoid hosting on a blocked ad network. I prefer that. The amount of things websites are loading from external servers is just horrible, both in terms of privacy, security and performance. What do you think? I use Ublock Origin and while it works excellent, I was wondering how much faster could a native ad blocker in a browser actually be. I don't dislike the idea of having something this important ship as a browser feature. Not sure if it should be on by default for everyone but not relying on extensions or plugins for basic thing like ad blocking is very interesting. This is the first time I see the new Opera browser actually implement something that others don't have. It seems Vivaldi has somehow motivated them to be more competitive and at least try to innovate in some aspects. They probably lost many users to Vivaldi already so it seems they are refocusing their efforst now.

  • @terere:


    Opera Presto already had a content blocker built in. So they are just re-adding a long gone feature again to their browser.

    They probably lost many users to Vivaldi already so it seems they are refocusing their efforst now.

    Looks like their new audience doesn't see the need to switch from Google Chrome.


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