Search results in address bar?

  • I tried a bunch of keywords but could not locate any existing thread regarding this. Google Search is also not helping because the titles of the forum threads are all prefixed with Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Vivaldi Forum which means that the actual useful keywords are all hidden (I personally cannot wait for Vivaldi Forum to move to NodeBB in coming days). Anyhow. I wanted to know if there is an option to turn on search results in address bar. Google Help calls this feature predictions. Right now I only get suggested the URLs from History and Bookmarks. This is turning into quite an annoyance. I basically want the search bar to show me suggestions for URLs and keywords if it is possible as in other browsers. Even the search box does not appear to provide any recommendations. I assume this is by design as Opera 12.x IIRC did not offer such a feature?

  • The new snapshot released today (1.0.420.4) introduces this feature.



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