4 New problems [2 Last snaps]

  • Hello 🙂 I already signaled them in the last snapshot thread (on the blog), but I don't know if it's not better for you for me to post it right there. So here they are : - Hi there and well done with the continuous improvement. Two annoying things I noticed though with the last preview and this one: - On a lot of site you don't have the cursor when you want to write things down. Give www.qwant.com a try, it's a browser search engine (typo), try to write something in the search field. It used to do it with youtube for example but this snapshot got rid of the problem. - I cannot mute my tabs anymore. When I mouse over them, the little "sound button" showing there is music on that particular website (example: soundcloud) disappears. - Sometimes when I open a tab (mid-click, right-click"open in a background tab", etc) the tab does not open right next to the open tab on the right BUT on the left. and sometimes in between new tabs on the right side. When you have 10tabs open this is perturbing but you get your tab rather quickly, but when you have, like me at the moment, around 30-40 tabs, you have to click 4-5 tabs to find the one you need to check. edit: oh and another thing: To reopen a tab accidentally close, can you give the option (in settings) to reopen it exactly where is was or at the end, not randomly in the middle of the tabs? 🙂 - Another problem in the bookmarks: I changed a thread (URL, e.g. from www.blablabla.com/thread X/page Y/ to www.blablabla.com/thread X/page Y+1/) I am following in my Bookmarks. I wanted to change another one and ... impossible. Once I click in the field to change it, I automatically get the one I changed before. I tried to click on another one, same problem, made a full folder (6links), same problem. Thanks for keeping up the good work. eXniHilo


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