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    –Open the browser settings chouse language, save language, after that I see message close the browser.
    --I closed the browser but NOT settings window. Browser was closed but NOT setting window.
    --I closed setting window.
    --Click on run Vivalid icon.
    Result: I see opened settings window but NOT browser.
    -- I ReInstall the Vivaldi, but result the same I see setting window. That is all.

    I gues settings window must be dialog

    It is known issue and fixed. Few way to fix this…
    Probably get it in next build.

    When the browser start with setting page, you can use Ctrl+N in order to a new page and you can close setting page afterthat.
    You can delete profile files.
    Or you can delete preferences file.

  • Hi there,

    Aesthetically the browser is very nice and I do love all the options but I'm also having issues with videos (primarily) which is a pain as I stream a lot, and anywhere where theres any ads, so I've parked using it for now and reverted to Edge (which suck balls btw - I hate it!). Basically along with above weirdness with full screen I've noticed the following behaviour:

    1. It goes to full screen when I'm not even at my computer! Of course it automatically does this it in front of my eyes out of nowhere too (I've been typing in another window on some occassions) but this is a bit much. I've come back from having a cigarette outside, put what I'm watching on pause in the meantime, whilst I have some reading in the other half of the screen, I've returned to the house with it PLAYING in full screen - just weird! I live alone btw. I've even tried manually deleting all of the mouse gestures in case I've inadvertently made one without realising and it's just taken a while to catch up by going in to full screen mode but it persists.

    2. I cannot exit out of full screen by pressing F11 sometimes - I have to open task manager to get out of it, sometimes vivaldi will adjust back to windowed mode (almost like it was just being very very very very slow and then it got promted by task manager), or close the browser completely and restart.

    3. It's incredibly bad at competing with other applications downloads whilst browsing - the videos stutter every few seconds whilst using a 5mb connection, and its never going higher than 300kb download whilst streaming so this seems odd as there's plenty of bandwidth left.

    4. Tabs become completely un-responsive after viewing any tab with auto-play ads on the page - we very sorely need an ad-blocker for this browser, as I believe much of the performance issues are related to how bloated most media pages online have become over the last 8 years or so. I know you can add the chrome add-on if you go in to developer mode but for some strange reason that mode is nowhere the Vivaldi forum tells me it is and I cannot locate it elsewhere in the settings. The only way of getting around this is to copy the URL in to a brand new tab and close the old one, its incredibly annoying and intrusive as sometimes you end up opening the same web page 3 or 4 times just so you can read it.

    5. Hogs a lot of memory compared to other browsers - causing frequent crashes when you have more than 10-15 tabs open.

    6. It can be pretty slow at times - as I've said already I think this is related to the ad content. The buffering seems a bit slow too though thinking about it.

    7. Cookies - I've registered this browser on the ad opt-out on the network advertising page but of cousre not every ad company is registered so I was very nicely surprised that I could manually stop these others from tracking and targetting their ads at me by removing their indiviual cookies. Unfortunately, the delete key doesn't work - sometimes it deletes all the cookies from that advertiser sometimes just one cookie at a time. Also every-time you hit delete the company disappears from the list only to return a couple of clicks later, one cookie less. I think something is up with how the list is sorted on that page. Anyhow the only way to ensure they are removed is to use the delete all button, which isn't ideal as that means I have to re-register with network advertising as the opt-out saves a cookie to stop the tracking functionality.

    8. Resuming downloads has been so far impossible when I've been forced to close and re-open the browser for any of the above reasons, it seems to generate a place holder file which you cant do anything with - very frustrating.

    I am running the following:

    *Single monitor setup
    *Windows X Pro
    *AMD A10 3.1GHZ Quad core
    *8 GB RAM
    *500GB SSD Hybrid drive 8GB cache (all apps asnd assoc. files stay on the c drive - data is on seperate drives)
    *OS and drivers are fully up to date

    FYI - I am using the most recent update of vivaldi - infact I think it updated automatically once I had re-installed Windows 10 - this was a fresh install on a brand new SSD Hybrid drive after upgrading from win 7 on a old standard HDD (now formatted so no options conflicts anywhere on the new C drive).

    Sorry for the Essay guys, I have noticed all of these whilst on Windows 7 - the slow downs aren't as frequent as there were on the old install but are definitely still present. I originally assumed it must be my PC as it was an old build and windows badly needed re-installing so I awaited the new OS before reporting, hoping the bug list would be shorter - Again soz guys.

    Keep up the good work - this would definitely be a browser I would change to permanently if you can get some of these issues sorted. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Kind regards

    PS, I have never found that refreshing the page makes any difference when using this browser - I have to close the tab down nearly everytime it starts to play up or else wait there for 3 to 5 minutes whilst it has a hissy-fit.

  • Oh and now its taken to stacking tabs whilst I'm looking at completely different ones - I've disabled stacking because its so buggy and its impossible to un-stack them anyway but Vivaldi seems to want me to use the feature whether I want to or not….. Do any of the developers read this forum?

  • Speed dial thumbnail tiles at least for me are wrong size. There is just empty gray space under the preview picture. Tested on Windows and Linux.

  • Paste URL Bug

    • I have a bookmark with the following title: "a comparative study of garments in middle ages".
    • I assigned the letter "a" to amazon.de search.
    • If I start a amazon search the following is in the address bar which is OK "a comparative study of garments in middle ages" (The strike trough represents marked text)
    • Now, if I paste a product name I expect this to appear in the address bar: "a niceproduct0017" but instead this happens: "a niceproduct0017dy of garments in middle ages" which should not occur.

  • The only real thing I've been doing differently is browsing this http://www.eevblog.com/forum/index.php forum with vivaldi.

    Over the past few days, my cursor has gone nuts with Linux 12.04 LTS. For now, I'm blaming it on vivaldi. I've seen the behavior before, but I forget what program I was using, The cursur hides and when you move it all sorts of hidden windows start appearing.

    The fix is usually:
    sudo modprobe -r psmouse
    sudo modprobe psmouse

    This doesn't work.

    Another fix is to try logging out via the terminal. This didn't work either.

    For now, I'll browse that forum with Firefox.</control>

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