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  • @RCoon:

    In that case, I'll paste my bug I posted in the wrong section.

    When you load a fullscreen application (Currently on the Microsoft MVA website watching some videos) the message "Vivaldi is showing in Fullscreen mode. Press F11 to exit." is not disappearing unless I completely closed the browser. Pressed F11 a few times and closed the tab, but it persists across all tabs until the browser is closed.

    Also, changing my startup page in settings to www.google.co.uk does nothing. Reopening the settings menu shows that the startup page resets back to vivaldi.net

    You can tryhttp://www.google.co.ukinstead of```

  • On archlinux ( 3.14.29-1-MANJARO ), and the preview installed from the AUR, with i3 as my window manager, right clicking on a webpage works correctly, but right clicking menu items (eg. tab, bookmark, etc.) causes the right click menu to appear on a different monitor (I cannot seem to discern a patter with which monitor it chooses). While I realize arch is not a targeted platform, this may affect others who use i3.

    Additionally, while the ui/ux in the preview is great, I would appreciate an option to respect the system GTK theme, and to allow the WM to decorate the browser (min/max/close buttons look very silly in a tiler!).

    Otherwise, I am very impressed, the Vivaldi team has clearly put in a lot of great effort, and I really look forward to seeing where this will go!

  • Looks like you guys do some kind of keyboard hooking with this version.

    When browsing, I can not change my music doing a key-combination ([RSHIFT] + [F10]).
    Doing a quick test with C++ and GetAsyncKeyState verifies this behavior.

    When I'm on my desktop (or basically any other application) I can change the music, GetAsyncKeyState returns -32767 for RSHIFT and F10 (is being clicked). Inside Vivaldi, the function returns 0.

    Personally, this is a major flaw. 😞

    Vivaldi (Developer Build)
    Revision 8f9d1290877e0b245476c552f2ea85af82631bd2
    OS Windows

  • Number key shortcuts work too often. For example, go to my bank login page: https://aliorbank.pl/hades/do/Login
    Enter any ID (say 12345678) and click "Dalej".

    On the password page, using the number keys in the input fields also change the page zoom or switch me to another tab.

  • i just have 2 things to point out. first of all, great browser, love the colours scheme !
    i usually browse the web with 30+ tabs opened so to be able to merge in topics is awesome ! but the thing is, when i have a tab with 10 tabs inside it and the tab is on the right end side of the status bar it'll only show a few of the tabs, not all of them as if the tabs were on the left side.
    another thing is the high cpu usage.
    great work, cannot wait to see the updates. cheers !

  • Win 8.1 x64
    With a dual monitor setup, with vivaldi on the right monitor, the menu opens on the wrong monitor at the right edge

  • Windows XP

    Application window doesn't appear although Vivaldi process is running. It doesn't show up in the task bar either.

    I doubt it's related but debug_log says:

    [0127/180502:ERROR:client_util.cc(218)] Could not find exported function RelaunchChromeBrowserWithNewCommandLineIfNeeded

  • Just a small, niggling little few things.

    Clicking the Vivaldi button for the menu on a linear three screen setup from the middle screen will invariably open the menu on the screen to the left.

    Using the rocker gestures will also occasionally open the context menu when you dont mean to

  • Have some issues (Win 8.1 Pro 64/Win 10 TP 9926)

    1. When i restore a browser from task bar there's a lag with nav bar. For a moment it becomes gray and moves a little down then it's restored to normal position/color (no such lag on elementary os)
    2. with 5+ tabs open i experience a heavy lag while switching tabs and that's on non mobile i7 with 16gb RAM.
    3. When i open a download pane (ctrl+J) and then close it with the same combination side panel doesn't disappear.
    4. I couldn't import my passwords from Opera (12.16). I think this feature works for opera 15+.
    5. Drag'n'drop tab to bookmarks doesn't work
    6. Some app's webui doesn't work properly. Seems to be a js problem.

    Sorry my bad English. Best regards!

  • With a dual monitor setup, with vivaldi on the right monitor, the menu opens on the wrong monitor at the right edge

    I experienced exactly the same behaviour, Windows 7.

  • Hi, Opera user here since Opera 4 😃

    Well, nice works guys… I just will point a bug that occurs with "connect with facebook" feature. The facebook's 'popup' approach doesn't works in Vivaldi. Since it open on new tab, I think the window.opener can't works as expected. Then, the login fail.
    To simulate, I tried to 'log with facebook' on rdio.com

  • Firstly, thank you! Yes, I would have preferred a different engine but… However, once again, thank you.

    OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    When attempting to add Ixquick as default search engine, Vivaldi crashes (completely duplicatable after closing browser and clearing history, cookies, etc.). When I did this with Startpage search engine, Vivaldi did NOT crash. I was able to set Ixquick as default search engine manually by copying the Startpage entry and just changing the URL to from startpage.com to ixuick.com leaving the original settings from Startpage intact.

    Just like others have posted, open settings with dual monitors and opens on left monitor (have seen this with other apps before-- never found solution).

    Also, drudgereport.com took FOREVER to load but have not been able to duplicate on any other site so far.

  • Sadly I can't use Vivaldi. 😞

    It always freezes my PC (Win 8.1, AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2GB RAM).
    Every time I try Vivaldy it freezes - I can reproduce this with a percentage of 100%. This never happend before and this only happens when I try to use Vivaldi.
    If I start Vivaldi and click anywhere it freezes! If it freezes not instantly (this only happens rarely), it freezes only a few seconds/clicks later. I never was able to use Vivaldi for more than 10 seconds.
    I (de)installed it many times with all versions (stand alone, all users, single user, different locations/partitions) but it always freezes my PC.

  • On a multiple monitor setup with Vivaldi running on the rightmost screen, the popup menu for the top left corner displays on the neighbor monitor.

  • +1 on the number key shortcuts being far too quick to fire. It's impossible to use any password with numbers in it …. good practices and all that. Otherwise, looks promising!

    Vivaldi build:
    ubuntu 12.04.5 lts

  • After running Vivaldi here on Xubuntu 14.10 64 bits I reboot the system and all I see is a black screen:

    Running from a terminal, found this:

    • Yes, it does have "stable" on the name, I don't know why.

  • First of all, Vivaldi didn't appear after installation and start just like someone said before. I had to kill the Vivaldi processes (two) and restart the browser.


    • pasting from the clipboard does not work. I can paste anything in the browser address line or anywhere on the opened pages.
    • it constantly changing the home page from blank back to vivaldi's. This is annoying and strange.
    • the browser is terribly slow. Really slow. I don't have a latest PC but you don't have to have a supermodern computer to use a browser, right?
    • I changed the language to English but I still see russian buttons in the empty tab (I can't paste anything, so I can't insert a link to the screenshot)
    • imported bookmarks aren't sorted by name but by some order I can't understand.
    • it opens urls from skype while I didn't let it become the default browser.

    I am constantly using Opera 12.13 on Win 7 Ult, 32 bit, and I was hoping Vivaldi would result in a new and modern browser with the known and loved features and options. I sincerely wish it to become a cool browser so I (and many classic opera lovers) could migrate, but for now I am disappointed and have to remove it.

  • It write google search but find in DuckDuckGo how it need.

    Example in Opera 12:

  • I'm having the same issue on my laptop running Ubuntu 14.10.
    I closed Vivaldi down but still had the settings pane open, now when I restart Vivaldi it opens only the settings pane and not the browser. Did a complete shut down and restart and still the same thing.

  • @KVaillant:

    I'm having the same issue on my laptop running Ubuntu 14.10.
    I closed Vivaldi down but still had the settings pane open, now when I restart Vivaldi it opens only the settings pane and not the browser. Did a complete shut down and restart and still the same thing.

    Same issue running Windows 7 x64. Testing on some various VMs now for different OS versions, though I feel this is browser code related and not OS related.

    Simple resolution would be to prevent browser shutdown if settings pane is open, but still have a code check put in place the forcibly shut down any internal processes before killing the browser on the event of a crash (either system or browser)

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