Speed dial on startup?

  • Hello I just test the Vivaldi browser and Hell yeah I like it But when I launch Vivaldi, the browser start with the speed dial tab & my home page tab I configure only the home page for the startup in the settings Is it possible to disable the speed dial on startup? TX

  • Hi, you can change start properties in the vivaldi://settings/startup < copy to address field

    Cheers, mib

  • Hi

    yes I know and do that
    But I have always 2 tabs on startup!
    one is the speed dial & the other is my home page
    How do you disable the speed dial tab on startup ?
    I want only my home page tab


  • For a little more information you can take a look at this thread and try the workaround described there.

  • ooooohh Thank you very much

    It works to set the specified page!!
    Thanks a lot

  • @Philde:

    … It works to set the specified page!! Thanks a lot

    But… when you update to a new Vivaldi version, the browser re-start directed by the installer after completing installation will open just the speed-dial page. Don't panic. It only happens when the installer first starts the browser. Thereafter, each user-restart will properly open only to the specific page you set earlier. Just a word of assurance for when that happens... 😉


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