Language settings not working properly

  • There are two issues with the language settings dialogue. 1. Since I speak British English, I want to delete the generic English. I can delete other languages as necessary, but that one I can't delete. Hitting the x next to the language makes it disappear, but it reappears when I open the Language settings dialogue again. 2. I can't reorder the languages. They are draggable and a placement bar appears as I drag them, but when I drop the language I'm dragging, it goes back to the original position. 3. Upon closing the Language settings dialogue, it leaves an empty tab open. It would be better for that tab to close when the dialogue closes, or if not possible, that the tab returns to the normal settings view (less inconsistent than just an empty tab). Here is what I see in the dialogue: [attachment=2783]VivaldiLanguages.png[/attachment] I love the browser and am looking forward to seeing it improve! Em Attachments: [img][/img]


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