Open back/forward in new tab with control+click

  • It's a feature I use all the time in chrome, and I kind of need it for my daily workflow. If I visit a page and click a button that takes me somewhere, often i want to visit the previous page and keep it open for reference or remembering some details. Currently I'd have to click back, then open the link of where I just was in a new tab. The issue here is that some sites use buttons that can't be opened in new tabs. Another issue is if you're, say, purchasing something on ebay/amazon. Clicking back to see details of something without losing the purchase progress is vital. Control+click is supported most places on Vivaldi, so I feel it should be a definite feature.

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    Ctrl + Click already does open a new tab (in the background). If you want to open it in the foreground, use Shift + Click.

    You can also right-click on a tab and use Clone Tab.

  • Sorry, I think you misunderstood! I specifically mentioned the back and forward buttons being interactable while holding control to open the previous/next history in a new tab. Heck, even if you right click them, the jump list of previous pages should still be control+clickable, but they're not.

  • I would love this feature as well: to be able to go back or forward in a new tab using Ctrl + click on the back/forward buttons. (Not just to be able to open a link in a new tab.)

  • +1. Use this all the time in Chrome.

  • I thought this started working a while ago, but now it doesn't. Was it introduces temporarily? I can't find a feature toggle in settings either.

    Anyway, I use this all the time in Chrome, and I really miss this feature.

  • +1, this is a deal-breaker for me, really need that.


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