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  • Hi, I downloaded Vivaldi today and am very pleased with the browser so far. Two things were bothering me a bit, though, and I'm wondering if this occurs to everyone: 1) if a link on a page opens another tab (i think via JavaScript) the new tab is always using the full size of the browser. In this example I open a message on a messaging-site which should open a new, quite small tab, but the tab is always maximized. Is there any way to fix this? 2) the performance without even having tabs opened is quite poor, at least on my computer. If I open Vivaldi and just open a new tab it takes ~1 second for the picture in the tab-bar on the left side to load. If i open the settings everything loads, but just not smoothly. Not that big a deal, but it takes the fun out of browsing just a bit. (same for any other page, of course. Got an SSD and not that old of a computer, so that shouldn't be the problem). Of course I know this is still a Beta, so I was wondering if anyone else has these problems and if there's a way to fix this. Thanks in advance and have a nice Tuesday everyone, -detentionmrpotter Attachment: a screenshot of the tab that should have been very small instead of maximized Attachments: [img][/img]

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    1. The resizing of the new tab/window is a known but unfixed bug.
      That bothers me too with some Webapps i'am using.

    2. The prformance of creation tabs will be enhanced.
      For first Final performance is important ) and a nice32have.

  • alright, thanks!


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