Mail configuration

  • Although mail is not yet implemented, I already have a comment about it. Most mail clients have one annoying thing in common: the link between used e-mail adress, the outgoing server and the incoming server. They have NOTHING to do with each other. So, please, don't make the same mistake. Here is my suggestion: Allow the user to specify an incoming server. Just the IP or hostname, protocol (IMAP, POP, SSL or no SSL, etc) and credentials. Completely separate from that, allow the user to specify an outgoing server. Again, IP or hostname, protocol (SMTP, etc) and optional the credentials. Third, let the user specify his identities (name and e-mail address). My situation: I have a VPS with multiple domains (a domain for e-mail, some websites for open source projects and some other hobby and personal project websites). All e-mails sent to those domains end up in the same mailbox. When replying to an e-mail, I'd like to reply with the e-mail address people used to send the e-mail to. Sometimes I do this from home, sometimes when I'm at a friend's house or when with family. So, I have one incoming server (IMAPS), multiple identities (same name but different e-mail address) and multiple outgoing servers. Try this with Thunderbird or Outlook for example. Impossible, unless you change your current configuration for every outgoing e-mail or when visiting someone. Please, please, please, make this right. And you'll have one happy user for sure!!!


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