Hangouts App for Vivaldi

  • I know [url=]Hangouts[/url] is a sort of an app designed probably specifically for Chrome. However, I was wondering if there was any way to make it work with Vivaldi. The current issue is that I cannot sign in at all, as the sign in is tied to the Chrome sign in for synchronization of settings. I remember the old Opera used to have widgets and I feel like Chrome Apps are a pretty good way of implementing that. I wish the Apps would work well with Vivaldi.

  • I agree. I am a brand new (today) power user and love everything about Vivaldi with this one exception. Not being able to get hangouts working is a deal breaker I am afraid.

  • I third this vote. I would love to see support for this. As it is, if I want to use Vivaldi and Hangouts, I have to open Chrome, start the hangouts apps (2 accounts) and then close Chrome.


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