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  • Morning, In all other browsers I can scroll using the middle button of my mouse. I click it, then move the mouse vertically to scroll. In Firefox, this is called Autoscrolling. I couldn't find any option to set this in Vivaldi. Using Ubuntu 14.04, 64bit.

  • Yeah, looks like it's not implemented yet. This feature is definately a must have!

  • I'm using Vivaldi for the first time and this is the only thing stopping me to use vivaldi in my daily job.
    Using Xubuntu 15.10, 64bit.

    EDIT: Some option to modify the scroll sensibility would be great. Usability is the most important thing.

  • A triumvirate of new members - hi & welcome.

    Vivaldi in Windows does support this important behaviour, but as you have correctly noticed, not in Linux [FYI, as far as i know, NO chromium-based browser in Linux supports this functionality, natively]. When i migrated myself from Win to Linux [Mint 17.x, x64, KDE] a couple of years ago, i was shocked to discover this basic functionality didn't work. I'm not saying this is desirable, to have to workaround it via installing an extension, rather than have it natively, but if you are willing to install an extension, this is the one i discovered & ever since routinely install in every one of my chromium-based browsers in every Linux distro i install & play with:

    Good luck.

  • @Taurus:

    Yeah, looks like it's not implemented yet. This feature is definately a must have!

    The feature is available in windows since the stone age, (just guessing) but possibly having it implemented in Linuz is harder given there the middle button is used natively by the OS/DE for different functions.

    Anyway I've just confirmed a formal request for that (VB-11474)

  • Thank you for your answers! I've found a good combination for that extension.

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  • just saw this post, I am using windows (10) and the "mouse scrolling" is not working, although I am using a trackpad. Is that not supported?


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