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  • Hi, Does it make sense keeping the spatial navigation keys at wasd or change to vi key bindings of hjkl ? Raising the next question - does it make sense having a general keyboard settings as vi mode (which changes search command to / and then allows navigation with n N ) I'm actually a vi user and prefer these key bindings everywhere I go (like vi mode in bash, and other programs). Adding V to the vi key bindings list would be cool 🙂 Possibly the above could be a menu setting that in one sweep changes all the bindings from classic to vi... Thanks,

  • vi mode would be great!

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    I already have "/" set to open the Find in Page toolbar, and it is easy enough to add more single-key shortcuts.

    However, the n, N do not work well because after pressing "/" and typing a search string, you then have to focus the page with F9 for the n, N shortcuts to work. Otherwise, they simply get added to the search strings.

    I suspect there may be other similar conflicts between single-key shortcuts and Vim Key Bindings.

    I suggest voting for this feature request:

    Export/Import for User Settings

    I am sure there are others who are familiar with Vim key-bindings, but they are not familiar to me. I have only seen them mentioned on these forums a few times in the last three years.

    You could try the Vimium Extension for Chrome.

  • @pesala Keyboard shortcuts for extensions mostly don't work – the only working shortcuts are those that open the action popouts (activate the extensions), everything else still fails.


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