I can not download vivaldi browser on my ipad. Safari stops it

  • Unfortunately, Vivaldi is available for desktop only (Linux, Windows, iOS (Desktop)).

  • Typo in error message-Looks like a JS on the page.

  • Speaking of errors … OSX (Mac computers) not iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

  • You can't install other browsers or even other software in the iOS wallet garden. 🤢

    All you have is wrappers that will use a slower rendering engine than Safari which others call a browser. Go ask Apple why they did this, probably because Apple wants users to be able to use Safari only. They don't want other browsers in their systems, because its theirs, not yours.

    Also, you should be aware as an Apple user that you can't actually install anything on your iPad or iOS unless its coming from the Apple market store.

    Now, assuming you actually knew this, and you are trying to download the file temporary just to transfer it later to a compatible system (not sure why someone would even do this) for your surprise that crap called iOS does not come with a file manager either. So even if you where able to download it, how exactly would you late retrieve and copy your installer…

    I have my iPad sleeping on the table for 3 months now. It rarely gets used, just use it on the dinner table to look up something sometimes if I can't find my phone.

    Welcome to the Apple world. A dark lonely place where you can't actually install software or test things out. Not saying that Android is better, they are also moving slowly into a closed locked garden, their latest release does not allow file managers that come from third parties to write for example to the SD card anymore and its said even read will be disable in the future for external cards, and most of the OS is actually already pulled remotely from Google servers. Android is slowly moving everything to the cloud, even their file system...

    I have to actually admit that for us geeks, Windows seems like the best options for tablets in the future. Unless someone launches an amazing Linux tablet I will wait to see what Windows 10 gives us on tablets. And you know what? You will be able to install Vivaldi on a Windows 10 tablet !!! 😉 Great right?


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