The Mobile Web Sucks

  • [url=]Article Here.[/url] Yes, the mobile web sucks. That's why I don't really use my phone that much to browse the internet, unless I'm going to the bathroom. But a large part of it is because the competition sucks, so lots of website creators like Facebook have to create mobile apps for their sites. I can't really seem to enjoy mobile browsing like I do desktop browsing, because it's just a poor experience. Opera mobile is the closest I can get to a bearable experience, mostly because of it's UI friendliness, and I hope Vivaldi will introduce it's own. I'm creating this thread as a feature request for when mobile comes. Feel free to add your own mobile feature requests as well. I just hate the fragmentation in experience in mobile vs desktop. I would love for Vivaldi to innovate in making the mobile web really powerful, super smooth, and display web pages superbly and allow me to autozoom on text, look at my history on Vivaldi between desktop and mobile, and be able to sync perfectly in everything between the two when it comes to bookmarks, settings, passwords, etc. I'm not saying mobile has to be exactly the same as desktop, because it's not, and it'll be a shrinked down version of it, but I finally want to have a great experience that doesn't feel fragmented. I sometimes use the Google app and Link Bubble, and I have many other browsers, and the whole experience has separate apps for every little thing. I don't mind having some apps like Facebook and Gmail, but I would love some kind of integration between everything. I guess I'm asking for Vivaldi to innovate here, because mobile browsers really aren't that great right now, and there's lots of room for improvement, and a great amount that Vivaldi could profit from in mobile, as well as desktop. Feel free to add what else you'd like to see Vivaldi do for mobile.


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