Where are the previous speed dial backgrounds?

  • I just upgraded from beta2 to beta3 and I'm missing the very nice desert background image. Where did that go? And while we're at it - where are they stored anyway? I couldn't find them in the program folder.

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    Take a look in Settings, Start Page. You can add your own custom image too.

    The images are stored in: \Vivaldi\Application\1.0.403.20\resources\vivaldi\resources


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    You can do a standalone install of the old Beta 2 to re-create these images, and then you can move them from the Application\1.0.344.x\resources\vivaldi\resources file, to

  • Did that, thanks. Funny thing is, the thumbnails shown in Windows Explorer look all corrupted, but the images work in Vivaldi. shrugs

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    Interesting. They look perfect in my Windows Explorer…

  • Yeah, it's really weird:

    Opening them in the image preview shows the same thing. Maybe it's because I have this installed: http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/

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    It wouldn't be the first time fastpictureviewer users complained about thumbnails…

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