Feature Requests: Quick Commands behaviour, URL field, etc.

  • [b]Quick Commands 2.0[/b] Up until a few builds ago, the behaviour of QC was that when you completed entering a nickname, it would automatically load the related page, then following and update that didn't work, along with nicknames no longer being highlighted. Then a couple of build later the issue was fixed but the, admittedly unusual, result of completing the nickname auto-loading the page was not added back in, suggesting this was always a bug. However, I really liked it when it did this! It made opening frequently used sites a breeze, so please could this be added back as an option? Vivaldi users love options! I also think QC could be expanded in other ways to make it more powerful. It is after all Vivaldi's signature feature which no other browser has. [b]URL field accessibility [/b] What with Quick Commands, visual tab switching and the numerous Keyboard shortcuts available, (and the ever present scourge of the 16:9 aspect ratio screen and the search for more vertical real estate while browsing), going full-screen is becoming more and more practical. There is however one feature which is missing for me personally which is the ability to highlight the address in the URL field. There is simply no way to do this without exiting full-screen mode. Would it be possible to change the behaviour such that when you press F8 (this normally highlights the field) in full-screen mode, it pops down with the address already highlighted? This would be awesome! [b]Mouse Gestures[/b] One of my favourite features, but missing the ability to edit gestures and add shortcuts. Please expand this!

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    And please report every feature wish in a separate report (not all in one! Its more work to split these reports, sorry) at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

  • Sorry about that. I didn't realise they'd be reported as 'bugs', and wasn't sure where to post it. I'll repost each one separately.


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