(History of) Vivaldi Feature Requests

  • Can't get it loaded. The Ubuntu/Deb distro is AMD64 not x86. 😞
    Opera 12 was the best.
    I wish:
    That you would have:

    the ability to turn off tab stacking.
    an email client and RSS like Opera had.

    Hoping to have my default browser be Vivaldi soon!

  • My only wish

    • Single key shortcut for turning images on/off (shift+i)

  • Please make DevTool, and make DevTool compatible when editing css/js on browser, so can be autosaved to text editor like sublime/atom/brackets/notepad++

  • Vivaldi is really a great browser! I just wish it could have these features, too.

    • Ctrl/Cmd + number to jump to the speed dial page
    • Shortcut key to reopen the last closed tab
    • UserJS and UserCSS without using any add-on!
    • Dragonfly


    • The ability to select a linked text! I haven't seen any browser except Opera 12 handling selecting and dragging correctly at the same time

  • 1)Simple request here. Ctrl+Enter to automatically fill "www.******.com" pls? 😃
    2)I would also like tabs to stack in a line matter like in Opera 12. What I mean is, instead of making tabs smaller, add new lines of tabs.
    3)"Paste and Go" option on right click the address bar would be nice.

  • My requests, which others have alluded and I hope this adds weight:
    1. Session manager
    2. Option to place tabs on left or right
    3.- Highlight right button click: Search With-
    4. AdBlock

  • Very impressed with the tech preview.

    Since a lot of people already mentioned a lot of feature requests I'll just try to point out a couple smaller features that I really liked from Opera 12.

    1 - Double-click tab bar to open new tab.

    2 - F12 menu - mostly the ability to enable/disable JavaScript quickly.

    3 - Connection speed information when loading a page. Opera had the 'pop-up' at bottom menu that I really like. My connection is poor, so I like to see the transfer speed.

  • @Shoggy:

    Please allow an option to alter the way how fonts are rendered. Like many others I hate the current style: especially small fonts make the monitor look like I am using a blurry CRT from the 90s.

    I am still using Opera 12 which does a good job in this area. Here is a comparison (watch full size!):


  • 1 Connection speed information when loading a page
    2 IP Address information
    3 Disable JS/CSS

    I like the outline, really help me to center my table/heading/paragraph

  • Thank you Vivaldi! One hour of a tech preview and I'm happy!

    I found Opera long ago - 1998. Don't recall the version, but it was my primary browser pretty much instantly and and stayed that way up until they gutted it a few years back. I miss the good old Opera. But with Vivialdi, I suspect I may have found it again. Great job so far!

    So my thoughts and wishes for the future:

    • I CAN HAVE MY TABS ON THE SIDE!!!! I will do the dance of joy now! My monitor is wider that it has ever been before, but I've actually lost vertical space! I want as much vertical space dedicated to viewing the page as possible, but all the web pages are narrower than my monitor because they are made to still look good on monitors with lower resolution. Thank you for letting me stick my bookmarks and tabs over on the side natively. In short, anything you can do that preserves our vertical space and lets us do something useful with all the extra horizontal space is much appreciated.

    • On the subject of tabs - not sure I like the tab stacks as they are currently implemented. I wish for (and so does everyone over on the request threads at the forums of certain other major browsers…) tab trees! Tab trees are arranged similarly to the way you have the bookmars set up. I have some memory of this being in opera 12, but most certainly I want the functionality of the Firefox plugin "Tree Style Tab" I find this the most useful for managing and organizing large amounts of open tabs.

    • Tree Style Tabs Functionality:

    • If I open a link in a new tab, it opens as a child of the current tab.

    • If I open all bookmarks in a folder, it creates a dummy container tab and opens all the links as children.

    • Trees are expandable and collapsible. Closing the root of a tree closes all children as well.

    • At work, most of my time is spent in the browser. I tend to have a VERY large number of tabs open and need a simple, fast way to multitask between them. It is because of the Tree Style Tabs plugin ALONE that I exclusively use Firefox at work. It's the only way to keep track and this functionality is available nowhere else for any current browser that I can find. Give me this functionality, especially natively, and I'm all yours.

    • At home, for my own entertainment and research needs, I still want exactly this same functionality. I tend to use a lot of concurrent tabs and need a way to keep them organized but instantly accessible.

    • Please let me turn off the tab previews. I just want a little bar with the tab title in it that doesn't re-size itself all the time.

    • Good tab management, for me, is the number one feature of a browser that every modern browser lacks. Give me the ability to duplicate the function of that plugin and give me native mouse gestures that actually work and you are the perfect browser, regardless of anything else. Seriously, modern browsers seem geared toward people who open two or three tabs at most. Those of us who work with many tabs at once have very few options for dealing with them.

    • Ahhh, the quick clean mouse gestures are here as soon as I start up. Wheeee! Happiness!

    • Any modularity you can build in would be great. I see many others asking for the built in mail, RSS, and chat clients, but I don't need them. At work I have the company mandated mail and chat clients, and at home I have webmail, and a dedicated mail client to handle my multiple accounts, and I don't use any chat. I want my web browser to be single purpose, and that purpose is serving up vast quantities of web pages. Build in the other functions if you must, but let me turn them all the way off. Not hidden, OFF. Consuming zero system resources and attempting to execute no code. I want a browser, not a portal. On that note, please don't add in a bunch of social integration and "discovery" nonsense that tries to guess what I'm interested in. If you've got to have it, let me turn it all the way off.

    • Low system resource usage is important. At home, i run on older hardware with not much RAM. I'd like to be able to run other things concurrently. At work, I run a lot of other programs concurrently, some of them resource intensive. keeping the memory use down is a big plus for me.

    • Sessions - I see a lot of people asking for the default startup to be a clean start, not restoring the last session. I second this. In the old opera, I would always have it start to the speed dial or even to no open tabs at all. (it felt very comfortable, that blank grey expanse, just a title bar at the top…) The ability to manually jump into a menu and hit "Restore last session" is very useful though, if I have to reboot in the middle of a work day and want to get right back to where I was. Would love these options to be in place.

    • I'll also add a vote for a "Paste and go" option in the address bar - I use it all the time.

    • Altering the title bar color to match a webpage. Not sure about this feature yet. I'll try it, but let me turn it off if I want to and lock the bar to a color of my choosing.

    I'll keep trying it out and see what other things I find. But I'm already blown away with even this first tech release. It is enough to make me am eager for the day I can make Vivaldi my primary browser and surf away! Fantastic job!

  • As a long time fan of Opera (starting from Opera 6), who regrettable had to switch to Firefox+a dozen extensions to make it look and feel like what Opera was, after Opera went Chronium and ditched all the features I liked… I'm loving what I'm seeing here so far.

    But a few things
    1- I can see that there's mouse gestures(yay!), but it seems to be missing the Open a New Tab gesture (right click + mouse down)
    2- In a new tab (speed dial/bookmarks/history), gestures don't work, so I cannot close with the Right click + mouse down-right, forcing you to either open a website in the speed dial or close it at the top, makes no sense not having that.
    3- Themes. Big thing, right now it's white and killing my eyes. I'd love a dark grey/night theme. Can let the community develop those?
    4- Ability to change the appearance. Be it changing where a button is, put spaces in between, separators, resizing or outright removing things.
    5- Separate the Speed Dial and Bookmark. I don't want or need to see the Speed Dial folder in my Bookmark menu, it's redundant. I consider bookmarks for things you don't access often and speed dials what you go to all the time, speed dials has no place in bookmarks.
    6- Built-in Element Blocker (adblock basically). Similar to what Opera 12 and prior had. Where you can Right Click an image and get rid of it.
    7- Ability to resize(up and down) the Bookmark and History page on a new tab, to allow the last opened Speed Dials "folder" to show up top of it.

    Edit : 8 - Actually being able to post a reply while using Vivaldi, tried 3 times, never worked, switched to Firefox and it worked on the first try... What was that about..

  • @zonebattler:


    Please allow an option to alter the way how fonts are rendered. Like many others I hate the current style: especially small fonts make the monitor look like I am using a blurry CRT from the 90s.

    I am still using Opera 12 which does a good job in this area. Here is a comparison (watch full size!):


    That is not a bug. Actually Opera 12 has the bug.

    The blurring you mentioned is what most users want. Example, Chrome displayed fonts in Windows terrible until they introduced DirectWrite, Explorer by default displays text beautiful and smooth. You called it blurry, I call it smooth. Look your image again, your letters on Opera are pixelated, that is wrong. Letters are not supposed to look like that.

    Since Vivaldi is using Chrome, actually the font smoothing is something desirable by most people. Most users complained that the text on the left of your image was the bug. If you want the text to be pixelated which seems your preference you could disable DirectWrite.

    Personally I find it ugly and hard to read when text is pixelated like that, so the blurring you mentioned is something I prefer. If that is hard in your eyes, then I would seriously advice you to check your monitor settings, you should have a setting to make text very, very sharp so it does not look blurry, and you should change that in the monitor, not in the operating system or browser. In your image, Opera 12 is displaying text incorrectly, Vivaldi is displaying it correctly like it should be.

    This means a letter should be not be pixelated, if the text is to blurry, adjust this in the monitor first. Make settings sharper.

    If you are using Windows then your settings could be wrong. Go to the control panel and select Adjust ClearType text, then follow the tutorial and select how you prefer it.

  • Some suggestions (for now):
    1.) Download Section
    a. Make an "Open File Location" option
    b. Make an "Open File with…" option
    c. Make a "Remove File" option (deletes download from list, and the file itself)

    2.) Mail Section
    a. Add integration to Yahoo! Mail (or not)
    b. Add integration to Google Mail (or not)
    c. Make a mail website of your own
    d. Have a feature of syncing two different mail (e.g. Vivaldi Mail synced to Google mail, etc.)

    3.) Bookmarks Section
    a. Hide/Delete/Keep the default pre-existing bookmarks folders in a separate location
    b. Make a "Recently Bookmarked" sub-menu
    c. Make a "Bookmark List" sub-menu where all unsorted bookmarks (bookmarks not saved in a folder) are stored
    d. Make a "Bookmark Folders" sub-menu where all bookmark folders are stored
    e. Make a "Bookmark active tabs..." option -- able to save them in a bookmark folder, make a new bookmark folder, or bookmark them one-by-one separately (add them to the bookmark list)
    f. Make a "Bookmark stacked tabs" option, making a bookmark folder of that website and storing all the bookmarks of that website there.
    g. Make a "Load Bookmark Folder" option, where it loads all the bookmarks in that folder, and stack them together in one tab
    h. Able to make a bookmark folder private

    4.) Contacts Section
    a. Replace Contacts with Social Communication (I don't really see the point of it)
    a. Add integration to social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    b. Add integration to chatting programs (e.g. Skype)
    c. Default -- Vivaldi Community [https://vivaldi.net/en-US/easysocial-dashboard]
    f. Make option of password-protection

    5.) Speed Dial Section
    a. Make "Edit Speed Dial" option – able to edit the displayed name, save a custom thumbnail image, etc.
    b. Make "Make Speed Dial Folder private" -- able to password-protect a speed dial folder, or hide the speed dial folder that can only be activated by key commands, or hide the speed dial and password-protect it altogether
    c. Able to edit background image of the Speed Dial Tab

    6.) Default Saved Locations
    a. Be able to set a default save location to downloaded images, pictures, videos, programs (file.exe, files.zip, etc.) -- each item in a different folder
    b. Make a sub-menu for each item listed above
    c. Be able to right-click in a blank space in that sub-menu and select "Open Folder" option, or "Change default save location", or "Make Folder private" in the browser, not in the actual computer. [Or even better, Save files in a private folder – that can only be accessed through the browser itself]

    7.) Browser
    a. Hide/Show all sub-menu's – if Hidden: showing everything in a generalized display
    b. Restore factory/default settings
    c. Make a "Delete Cookies on closing application" option
    d. Make a Anti-Web Tracking feature
    e. Make a Private Browsing feature (e.g. Google Chrome's Incognito, or Firefox's Private Browsing)
    f. Make a Private Feature -- make something hidden and be activated by a key command/gesture, and/or password-protect it.
    g. More into Privacy Feature, especially in the Passwords Section in the Options.
    EDIT: h. Add a reload button if a web page cannot be loaded, located next to the Details option
    EDIT: i. [Make users able to] Add/make Vivaldi Themes, Color Schemes, and custom buttons, images, etc.

    8. Notes Section
    a. Able to save into Text File or a Word Document
    b. Integration for Rich Text File Formats
    c. Set default Text File folder
    d. Make Notes Private (very useful)

    Overall, this browser is SO good (better than Google Chrome and Firefox IMHO), but is lacking some basic features, Privacy needs to be worked, and User Features can have more.

  • @HarHarLinks:

    • make tabs draggable out of the window to create a new one
    • same from one window into another already existing

    This :cheer:

  • Hello guys. Thanks for this browser, it's really good job and very important for us.
    I love vertical tabs, it's very very very comfortably to use
    But vertical tabs always with page preview like in screenshot below.
    Can you make tab setting for view like in second screenshot please?

  • One of my favourite function was always Cycling through tabs by Holding right click and scroll with mouse wheel

  • For a start, Vivaldi is real nice, but there are a lot of small details that need adjustment. For my major concern I will open a new thread, but here a few smaller things ( Unordered lists don't work for me? So I'll improvise):

    ***** Downloads: Please give "Save as…" when clicking a file. Some Download links are Javascripts and right clicking them to say "Save as..." can sometimes fail

    ***** Make the Speed Dial more configurable (fixed number of either rows or columns, auto-scaling of Speed Dial thumbnails regarding to Dial number and window size, background image etc.)

    ***** Smooth Scrolling on systems other than Linux. I really like Linux. But that's just bad. Google took it away on Windows? Yeah well, who cares, reimplement it (when you have the time to spare)! 😉

    ***** Enable "Properties" when right clicking images. I want to see the file size, file type (png/jpg/..) and most importantly any EXIF data present for photographs - things Opera 12 could do. Can be very useful, especially the EXIF stuff.

    ***** Open Source!

    ***** Wider Platform support (very low priority; this is a bit of utopia here, but I loved that in Opera 12, FreeBSD UNIX native support, Linux on PowerPC etc.)

    ***** Serious SSL trouble, and Vivaldi surely isn't alone with it. Will open separate thread for that one.

  • Requestin Opera 12 features:
    1. Allow make bars with command buttons and custom search fields(!)
    2. Dragging picture from browser as in Opera 12. (In chromium-based browsers now it drags as link to picture not as file or image)
    3. Ability to select text in the middle of text of link. (In chromium-based browsers now it's impossible or you can start selecting outside the text of link)
    4. Add 'Open in current Tab' menu over link.
    5. Allow window without tabs.
    6. Click on tab does minimize.

    I forget about the fatal chromium lack!

  • I would like to see the good, old features back from opera, which basically made opera the flagship of ergonomy among the browsers. I was quite disappointed when I've realized there are no tab groups or private tabs (just private windows) for an example in the newest opera. Also, back in the old days opera used to have a smaller and stable memory footprint, which cannot be said for the newer one.

    I would love to have a brower, which brings back the comfort of old opera and also technologically being up to date.

  • basicly anything opera 12 could do without the facebook bug.

    size of tabs. would like just to show the page icon with an x to close it or the pin for pinned tabs with preview on mouseover. as a fixed size.

    save to notes from marked text
    notes menu on right click on pages
    arrow down to insert notes to input fields (for fast input of email address)

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