(History of) Vivaldi Feature Requests

  • This browser is off to a great start! It's more or less what Opera 15 should have been.
    My requests (and my apologies if they're already there):

    • Ability to pin tabs
    • Option to show the full URL
    • Ability to adjust typeface and color on the tabs (at the moment, the tab names are too faint)
    • Choice of search engines
    • Integration of menus with Ubuntu Unity
      Thanks for your consideration of these!

  • Wish:::

    Please use NPM as an extension repository, and allow extensions to be written in nodejs. This would allow for extremely powerful extensions to be brought into the browser.

  • The sidebar within the panel is something I really use everyday, so I can get the latest news from my favorite newsportals while working at the same time.
    IIRC only Firefox / Seamonkey still have this very handy feature.

  • Allow block content

  • First of all, Vivaldi is awesome news. I've been stuck with Opera 12.16 for so long… 😉 Can't wait to switch.

    My suggestions:

    1. Must-have

    • CTRL-Z for re-opening of closed tabs

    2. Would be great

    • developer tools: JavaScript/HTML/CSS error console
    • developer tools: code inspector (DragonFly/FireFly equivalent) - just found the 'Inspect element' option, please add link in the main menu

    3. Would be nice

    • RSS reader
    • new incognito tab

  • Not sure if this is an official thread, but…:

    Please make it possible to drag and drop a speed dial box directly up onto another speed dial folder and sort them that way. RIght now you can drag them up, but they slide under the speed dial button(s) and not over.

  • Hi, I just try Vivaldi as a Opera Presto user because new opera don't have something I need. I would like Vivaldi have some feature of opera 12

    • Mouse gesture: Vivaldi have some implemented mouse gesture like Down - Right = Close Tab but still lack of many essential gesture like Down = open new tab. Down-Up = open in background tab or clone tab. I also like to have visual hint

    • Download setting: There is no download setting, somethings like "always ask for folder to save before download" option and change the default download folder. Although nowadays many people use download manager software like internet download manager instead of browser download manager but it's not the reason to not care about browser download manager

    • Speed-dial: I tried to add some more speed-dial and I found out that when I add more there is scroll bar. I think it's not bad but I prefer to have speed-dial like old opera that will add more column and more row while the speed-dial thumbnail become smaller to be all fit in my screen without the need to scroll. This require zoom in and out on speed-dial page which now isn't available so I would like to make it so in the near future

    • Speed-dial Folder visual view: Being able to create folder in speed-dial is a huge step but visual view need to be improve. http://i.imgur.com/mWBBV1L.jpg the button is black and the background is dark that make it hard to locate its location. and I think it would be better it would be like this http://i.imgur.com/efkBN1t.jpg or just replace the world up with some arrow icon for better visual.

    Additionally, I think the folder icon http://i.imgur.com/jqv3eEw.jpg should be replace by some sites on it. That'll help me know the content in a folder better than clicking it

    • Bookmark-tab, note-tab, download-tab: It's good to know there are panel which I longed for but sometime, I need things like note, download are available to be opened in tab too. It's because when they are opened in panel. the space is sometime too small in some work. For bookmark tab, I can open it through speed-dial by bookmark button but can't find anyway to open it by Vivaldi button on top left. I also prefer to manager them in tab like this http://i.imgur.com/uhQEtYH.jpg because it's easier to see on wide screen. Just imagine that I have 2 folder with each has about 100 bookmarked sites.
      if I open it like this http://i.imgur.com/Nm7XYxo.jpg I must scroll very much to get to a site I don't remember its name and then scroll upward to put it in another folder while with the old one I just need to click to each folder, find the sites and then click and move it to the left where there's folder tree. The former ones look more like an explorer than the latter when the folder is put into the tree and sites is treated as a program

    I don't mean that bookmark panel isn't necessary, It's very good for me when I need to quickly find a page that I bookmarked or access my bookmark more quickly

    • Tab-stack: It's seems like I can add tab to a stack but can take a tab out of stack while keep other tabs remain in the stack. Also, double left-mouse click doesn't expand the stack. It seems like Vivaldi doesn't have close stack and expand stack. I would like to have this feature as soon as possible

    • Tab bar and address bar space: The tab bar and address bar take more space than opera 12 which I think unneeded. If it's possible. I would like to be able to resize them to be smaller

    • space between search bar and address bar can't be change manually: I can't change them like this in Vivaldi

    • Private tab: changing window take more time than changing tab as well as changing between normal window and private window so I would like to have private tab. You can make it with different color or icon so user can differentiate it from other tabs easily

    • Pop-up blocker: One of the things I wanted most. It'll be the best if it have block all pop-up like old opera ( http://i.imgur.com/qJ8Tr6Y.jpg ) whether they are un-wanted ad or not be cause I like to open it manually by my self

    • Visual Color and Icon: I think this is on of Vivaldi problem here is some example. Can you tell where is the border of the tab at the fist glance?

    Can you tell where is the space between 2 tabs at a quick look?

    Don't you think it's good for eyes if the icon and background colors are organized like this. The color is quite different that's better to reconized

    Instead of this

    • Backward and Forward button: I think there is a problem. In old opera, when I hold left mouse on Backward or Forward button it will show a list like this

    I tried the same with Vivaldi but there is no result, nothing show up. Also, I think that these 2 button aren't necessary

    That's my first impression on Vivaldi. It have some feature I need but still need to improve alot

  • First off, I want to congratulate the developers at Vivaldi for their excellent work. The browser is very fast, has a clean user interface, and includes a lot of the features that I loved about the old Opera browsers (the utility panel on the left size, page notes, etc.) I'm very excited to see what new capabilities will be added to the software over time, and I am glad to have the opportunity to provide feedback in the project's early phases.

    Here are my suggestions:

    (1) Give users the ability to increase user interface font size and button size (including text in the URL bar) so that users with poor eyesight can see the browser more easily. This includes the ability to adjust font sizes in the note panel as well. It's astounding how many browsers seem to neglect the needs of physically disabled users. I can't use Chrome regularly because its interface is just too small, and Firefox allows most UI size adjustments to be done only through the installation of extensions. It would be nice if these adjustments could be made within the browser natively.

    (2) In the same vein, add a high-contrast color option so that users who have poor eyesight can distinguish the browser's sections and buttons more easily.

    (3) The ability to assign keyboard combinations for zooming in and out on a webpage (i.e. Ctrl+ or Ctrl-), so that zooming can be accomplished more quickly and accurately.

    (4) "Copy as Plain Text" option when text is selected on a page, so that the user doesn't have to use Notepad as an intermediary before pasting text into another program.

    (5) A stand-alone bookmark manager that allows you to select and manipulate multiple bookmarks at once, so as to make moving, duplicating, and deleting bookmarks more efficient.

  • I would like to see:

    • Pinnable, autostartable tabs
    • The window decoration actually abides by the system's window decoration or at least mimic it (like GTK button design instead of Windows button design).
    • Speaking of window decorations, have the Inspect Element window abide by the same window decorations as your settings window and the Vivaldi browser
    • Make the Vivaldi menu button (the logo) more obvious that it is clickable.
    • Option to disable tab previewing if the tab is not in a tab stack
    • Incognito / Private Browsing, possibly on a per-tab basis and not a separate window.

  • I'm not move from Opera 12 because they leave power user like me be hide, no more advance customization.
    What's I hope from Vivaldi is feature to advance customization like Presto engine could or more. :woohoo:

    This is missing features that no one mention on this thread.

    • Block content
      I use this feature a lot , why do you need any ad block, those css/javascript plugin when you could block them before browser even sent a HttpRequest; those porn ads, Baidu spam ads, and many unwelcome address.

    • User script/css
      It must has feature for any power user; I love to custom any site I don't like their design, some site is spam their javascript method too much and I want to override or even rid their javascript code and rewrite it (who's the **** hire those guys to coding).

    I saw Vivaldi's site preference, it's very amazing; you guys place it inside a page information that no one ever done it before (at lease from all browser I use); it might need some manual for casual user but way to go guys. However, still missing many option of it, I hope you guys can carry those site preference options from Presto engine.

    By the way, if it's possible I hope Vivaldi can use plugin from Presto engine; many amazing plugin doesn't move to Blink engine.

  • All in all, just aim to reimplement features of classic Opera.


    • open sites from speed dial using Ctrl+number

    Agree on this one, I really miss this feature.

  • Feature Request:
    Step 1: Open Opera 12
    Step 2: Copy everything!

  • First of all thank you for making this browser! I liked the old opera versions(12.xx) and this looks great.

    The features I would like the most are:

    • Mouse gestures (close tab, go to top of page, etc…)
    • Smooth scrolling
    • An option to adjust scrolling speed

  • @DanielHendrycks:

    -Order search engines

    YES PLEASE :lol: ! The lack of managing the search engines is been a BUG in Opera since version 4 ! This feature is a must have, firefox has it, there is no reason to live without it.

    • Also, I like the settings window the way it is. Looks more like Opera then the tab/web style of chrome.
    • Other then that, a little (lot) more customization is necessary.
    • Don't make us download a freaking plugin for every thing.
    • The ability to edit User Agent.

  • OK it's a tech review preview whatever but … context search people! can't browse without it.

  • kudos to the team for producing such a well polished tech preview it really makes a good first impression and fills one with confidence in the team and hope for the upcoming versions. on to the requests

    • the tab thumbnails are very helpful, would be nice if they were enhanced so that they were live i.e if you are viewing a video the tab thumbnail would be able to show the page with the video playing rather than a static screenshot of the page as it is now.

    • would very much like to have a more detailed progress indicator like that seen in Maxthon and Opera 12 where stats such as page size, elements loaded, upload/download speed(even cpu usage, memory usage) are displayed.

    • have the search bar resize dynamically. when terms are entered into it, it would expand to accommodate the search terms and when the user is through with the search bar it would shrink to its original width.

    • have the download manager support splitting a file that you want to download into multiple parts so that the download of that file is accelerated.

    • Chromelike page translate function would be convenient as well as having popup definitions for a word that you double click on a web page.

  • Congrats to the authors, and very big thank you 🙂

    General functions

    • -Icon bar customisation (minimum: search filed on/off)
    • -Inspector view options (part of the main window, bottom place, right place)
    • -Pornmod 😃 (private tab)
    • -Mosue gestures configurations
    • -chrome/opera plugins support
    • -Force download support (fast download in opera 12)
    • -Rss in email client
    • -Save image with ctrl click
    • -Select part of link
    • -Smooth scroll
    • -Built in content blocker
    • -History & memory cache & hdd cache limit customisation

    Context menu

    • -Copy to notes
    • -Periodic page refresh
    • -Page settings
    • -Go to address (in new tab)
    • -Custon search engines

    Colored tabs is very impressive, but the colors is too strong. Maybe pastel? 🙂

  • A few thoughts, then a feature request that hasn't been mentioned yet-

    Earlier in this thread, someone commented saying they don't like how tabs don't have a minimum width like firefox does. Personally, I hate how firefox scrolls, and wish that it would let my tabs be arbitrarily small (which is what O12 did)

    Iger said "If you could, please, hide the pixel on top of the tabs which makes you miss the click on the tab if you get the mouse all the way up" but I disagree, that single pixel line lets you grab the window easily to drag it around while in full screen.

    So both of those sound like different use cases is all, I'm not saying my way is the only way, but being able to toggle different functionality would be very nice.

    As for my feature requests, I'd like to make sure that Vivaldi uses a MDI interface - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_document_interface

    That's what opera had and is a big part of why I liked opera. With that of course comes tab minimization which no other browser offers, and the only way I can browse the web nowadays is if I use a firefox addon that manually simulates opera tab minimization behavior.

  • - Ambassador -

    I am extremely excited to see an effort to build a proper successor to the beloved Opera web browser. . . I'd like to start using it immediately as my primary browser, incomplete as it may be, but… with no extension, or even bookmarklet support, I can't use the tools I need throughout the day. I'll be watching the development of this browser closely!

  • @TalGarik:

    OK it's a tech review preview whatever but … context search people! can't browse without it.

    I'm quoting my previous message because I've just realized that the entire range of right click menu is missing, even paste and go in the search bar.

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