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  • Not sure if this should be posted as a bug or not, but at least there's a feature request in here that will prevent this annoying bug to occur.

    Prevent Vivaldi from opening a second instance, and always create a new tab instead.

    Basically, when I close vivalde, it can take quite a while before vivaldi is entirely closed down. Many processes are still exiting. If I start a new vivaldi now, or before closing vivaldi, and I close this newly vivaldi AFTER the first one is closed, I lose all my tabs. This is quite frustrating and really needs to be fixed.

    The bug would be: Don't remove the vivaldi window from view until all but one processes have been closed, and display a message that vivaldi is still closing, or alternatively, prevent from running a new vivaldi if the current vivaldi is still in the process of launching. A third option would be MENU -> Restart Vivaldi, which closes vivaldi, waits until all processes are closed, then start a new one.

    Also, I'd love to have the ability to have the session backupped daily, so you can go back to the pages you had open yesterday. Pages you opened today is not a big deal if you miss them.

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    Proposal for secure download support

    TLDR - Trusted Linker Download Redirect
    Yngve if you are reading, can we evaluate this well documented HTTP extension for support and possible use ?

    Also, I believe we should be leading the way in standardising validated downloads, by including a box in the download/save as GUI, where hash keys can be pasted.
    Many sites expect users to paste hashes into a separate validation program, thus reducing the chances of it happening.
    The Avira devs like the idea and want to implement it for their browser "Scout".

    There is lots of emphasis on secure validated logins, and encrypted web pages, but little on secure validated downloads.
    HTTPS with a certificate is groovy, but currently fragile and cannot tell if your downloaded file is corrupt.
    Files are getting bigger, more critical, and more valuable, and we need to be handling them better (Just ask the Mint Linux users).

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    Please see the Vivaldi Feature Requests topic, (also sticky).

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