(History of) Vivaldi Feature Requests

  • Until there's an official thread up, why not use this one to tell the developers what you want to see in Vivaldi going forward. -My main concern is the white bar on the top, it'd be nice to be able to change to a "dark theme" or just be able to change the colour in general. -Also it seems that clicking the garbage can icon in the top right just shows the history but doesn't let you delete it. It'd would be nice to not have to open a new tab and go to history to delete/clear history.

  • i'll just add my request here 😉

    • a way to (manually) scale the ui to better fit hi-dpi screens, especially on linux.

  • I would love to see a "Bookmark Organiser" of some kind, to make re-organising bookmarks a little easier, and for more obvious "import" and "export" section.

  • Opera was an awesome browser. This browser already gives me the opera feel I had before Opera went down…
    But Mouse guestures like they worked in Opera before "the change", would make this browser usable to me!

  • On the already existing import feature: it would be great to keep the tags associated with bookmarks in Firefox.
    If (like me) you don't organize them inside folder/subfolder, the bookmark import is sort of useless.

  • after a quick shakedown:

    • zoombar on the buttom right: would be awesome if it was adjustable with mousewheel like in opera 12
    • mouse gestures: right left seems to work (back), but left right (forward) doesnt. Would be nice to have this back too

    awesome work so far. Im really excited!

    edit: Uh, and very important for my use at work: dont neccesarily use the system proxy. Would be awesome if I could specify a proxy in vivaldi diretly.

  • There is no way to select your camera/microphone for use in WebRTC. I use WebRTC daily.

    The Passwords section, under Privacy in the settings, is very clunky. I can see that being very difficult to view and manage after the first week or two of general use.

    Also, it would be nice if we could scroll to different tabs by placing our cursor on the tab bar and scrolling our mouse-wheel, like in some other browsers. I think it would be cool if we could hold control while doing this over a tab which is a folder, to scroll through the tabs in that specific folder.

    Right click on the Back/Forward arrows to choose previously visited pages from a context menu.

    I see there's an app store in the works from vivaldi://apps

  • Feature Request:
    Set the title bar of the main program not only to "Vivaldi", but to "Vivaldi - name/title of website".

    At the moment, it isn´t possible to use KeePass´ auto-type function to securely enter login credentials (and no, I definitely won´t store passwords in a browser). It is not sufficient to have the tabs titled accordingly.

  • Feature Request:

    Make the web inspector dockable like in Chrome. Right now it always appears in a separate window.

    Good work so far btw 🙂

    • this first felt like an app - which I didn't like

    • enable Ctrl+Shift+V in URL bar (paste and execute)

    • show keyboard shortcuts in vivaldi button menu

    • cleanup vivaldi button menu to match opera 12 functionality

    • make it possible to use not only private windows (new opera), but private tabs (opera 12)

    • settings menu as a tab instead of in a window

    • where is the browsing history?

    • restore last closed tab via Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Shift+T

    • i liked the list of closed tabs better than the history (recycle bin button)

    • set up a proper bugtracker/feature request site instead of a forum? eg JIRA (see Mojira for Minecraft)

    • it would make configuring mail a lot easier if you could browse for the details (like server, ports) while in the email settings window (opera 12 settings window blocked using the browser in the background)

    • add personalization features based on themes but also without (colors, speed dial wallpaper…)

    • disable sound per tab by clicking on speaker icon
      Also I agree with most of the stuff already said previously.

    Now you really got my hopes up, I'm hoping for the best.
    Did you ever consider working together with the guys of otter-browser.org project?

    • disable javascript in the gui
    • site-specific settings
    • provide a real context menu
    • performance

  • Little something from me

    1. Don't know exactly how to describe it… But, Im using Debian as my main OS, and im used to use secondary clipboard (I copy with selecting text, and I paste using middle mouse button). On "old" Opera I was able to "paste" from my secondary clipboard any text anywhere(empty space, not link, or form filed) on any webpage and it did paste in addres bar and "go" there.
    If it was text it googled it, if it was url then it was opened.
    By pasting using middle button on button to open new tab I would open new tab with that text/url.

    2. It would be nice if addres bar would dissapear while scrolling down webpage. Just like chrome on Android does.

    • possibility to disable/reduce animations (colored tabs without fade, when clicking the magnifying glass in search bar etc), especially those that hinder productivity through waiting etc
    • customizable navbar (ie remove home button, search field)
    • "Show image details…" via image context menu
    • display image centered

  • Things I'd like to see:
    – Paste and go under Ctrl+Shift+V, Reopen last closed tab via Ctrl+Shift+T
    – Site preferences
    – Built-in UserJS and UserCSS managers (I don't really need any other "extensions")
    – Built-in content blocker
    – A dark theme (and I don't like changing the colour of my toolbars)
    – A possibility to remove the empty space above tabs
    – Mouse gestures: left-up = reopen last closed page, down-up = duplicate page (I won't cry for configuration options if I've got those)

    Things I actually like in Opium:
    – Alternative status bar with only link href and title text
    – New tabs' order – for example when I have tabs: 1 2 3 and i open tabs a b c (in that order) from tab 2, I get 1 2 a b c 3

    It would be nice to have:
    – Never open a new tab unless I wish so, by holding Ctrl (new background tab) or Shift (New active tab)
    – "Display cached images only" option

  • Vivaldi Translator

    So, that's my first impressions:

    • allow to clear last closed tabs list.
    • let me modifiy the UI: remove icons, add new ones, change size of search bar
    • CTRL+B does not open a bookmarks sidebar for me (CTRL+H works fine)
    • improve tab stacking, make it more like in O12. allow me to expand stack, move one tab from one stack to another
    • while refreshing/loading, show refresh animated icon instead of site's favicon.
    • allow to hide 'plus' on speed dial
    • improve download manager, make it more like O12. add option to open file location, add file details, allow me to choose where to save a file
    • after inserting a search prefix into the address bar. change the icon to the search engine logo (like in new Opera)
    • display images centered
    • allow to set own background in the speed dial
    • allow to set own thumbnail to speed dials entries
    • add polish localization
    • redesign the UI!
    • performance, performance, performance…

  • The vertical bookmark bar on the right side is a big step ahead ..

    What i would really like to have is a permanent vertical personal bar with a selected set of bookmarks as it used to exist in Opera 12 (in addition to the bookmark collection).

    • Importing bookmarks from other browsers
    • Synchronizing bookmarks
    • Synchronizing notes

  • Feature requests:

    1. Add option which removes "Close tab" button.
    2. Add options for F2 fast menu: Cookie/Referer/Proxy/Etc.
    3. Add option to open new tab next to current one.
    4. Add "Download URL" text field into download tab. It will help to download files with invalid mime types.
    5. Show load status in % inside the status bar.
    6. Add option to show only cached images.
    7. Text select in URLs.
    8. Add picture properties menu.
    9. Chromium bug: case insensitive search. Please make it case sensitive!

    • make tabs draggable out of the window to create a new one
    • same from one window into another already existing

  • Tab features:


    • Open new tabs using mouse middle button click anywhere in tab bar
    • Option to disable tab preview in vertical tab mode
    • Option to display vertical tab as a tree (like extension for firefox does)

    Other features:

    • Ability to install chrome extensions
    • Option to remove window titlebar
    • Private tabs or windows
    • Ability to select text in links
    • Improve performance

  • – Paste and go under Ctrl+Shift+V, Reopen last closed tab via Ctrl+Shift+T AND Ctrl+z
    – Site preferences
    – Built-in content blocker (or opera/chrome extension support for adblock plus)
    – A possibility to remove the empty space above tabs
    – Mouse gestures:
    *left-up = reopen last closed page
    *down-up = duplicate page
    *up-left = "one level up" on the page (for example from /images/ to / )
    – Single key shortcuts! This is big for me! (1/2 for previous/next tabs, "." for search etc.)
    – Tab stacking behaviors (close one, not all in stack etc. I believe this will be done anyway)
    – Quick settings (at least enable/disable proxy)
    – Private tabs

    Also New opera seems to have "renderless" area when you scroll fast, Vivaldi don't have it.

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