(History of) Vivaldi Feature Requests

  • Please allow syncing settings, favorites, open tabs … makes life easier 🙂

  • Hi,
    Please can you add for Print Preview a scale option as per FF?
    This is useful when the page would otherwise be cropped at 100%

  • Some feature requests after my first few weeks of usage:

    • Re-ordering tabs in a tab stack by dragging or some other visual and intuitive way
    • Moving top-level Speed Dial buttons into Speed Dial folders via drag-and-drop
    • Distinctive Speed Dial folder icons composed somehow from the first 2x2, 3x3 or simply all icons of the buttons contained inside the folder (now all folders look the same and I have to slowly read the folder name below to tell which folder is which - very ugly)

  • Will you allow to change page thumbnails in Start Page for user uploaded? In old Opera I could do it manualy in AppData folder in a way to paste image, delete the previous auto-generated thumbnail and rename it exactly same way.
    I created like 15 images 270x150 which helped me not to misclick in small thumbnails 🙂
    If you will not add the feature to upload the image, can you at least say me if there is some way how to do it manualy? For instance by overwriting a thumbnail file?

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  • @Mattonius:

    If you will not add the feature to upload the image, can you at least say me if there is some way how to do it manualy?

    Since they will probably add the feature before too long, it's hardly worth the (considerable) effort of customising them manually. It's early days yet (version 1.3) so much more will come later.

  • Would it be possible to have the option of removing the X and refresh buttons on SD thumbnails, and disabling the refresh button and F5 on the Speed Dial. Yesterday, I accidentally pressed refresh twice and had to create a new profile with everything in it. I would like the ability to lock the SD down so I can't mess it up. It would be nice to lock them in place too so you can't move them.

  • The marker for unread tabs is very hard to see when the option to use accent color on window is used.
    There should be an option to change its color to prevent this.

  • Opening of a bunch of urls in differnet tabs at same time must be nice

  • One more functionality I need (also missing from today's Opera):

    • Read and display MHT files.

  • Personal in Preferences, to auto-fill forms with personal information
    Add in context menu for text field "Insert Personal", "Insert Note"

  • Vivaldi = Awesome

    We've just discovered the neat panels feature, and it works really well as a second browser window for apps. An often used feature of apps is drag and drop, which doesn't work in a web panel. So it would be great to be able to drag an image from a website on the right and drop it into google drive on the left.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • New request:

    • Make the Speed Dial more intuitive - make it work like a true speed dial (like in Maxthon) and have buttons with fixed positions that don't shift around when you delete a link (like a phone's dialpad, where if you delete the speed-dial association of the [3] key that key doesn't disappear and the keys from [4] to [0] don't all shift back by one position). One of the fundamental things that make the Speed Dial intuitive and useful is that it's a geographic map where after a while you can memorize exactly "where" you need to click to go to one of your favorite websites. That's all ruined if every time you delete a link all the rest of the ones below and to the right shift backward and up and deviate from your memorized map, plus that kind of behavior clearly violates the concept of "speed dial" that was borrowed from telephones.

  • New Features:
    Being able to customise the Tab Cycler would be nice. Opera 12 just displayed a list of all tabs, and I prefer that over thumbnails since you're able to see the titles of all tabs.

    Being able to refresh a web panel. The current workaround for this is to disable then enable the web panel. Would be nice to see a 'Refresh Panel' option below Show Desktop Version.

    Couple of issues I found:
    When editing a mouse gesture, there's no obvious way to cancel editing (you can select another gesture), and performing the same gesture with right-click over the gesture area will actually execute the command. Adding a 'Cancel' button and temporarily disabling gestures would make this clearer.

    Web panels don't seem to share the same instance. I have di.fm as one of the web panels and usually keep a stream running. Opening up another window will show another instance instead of the current instance.

  • 1. Saved Sessions panel.

    2. Bookmark/speed dial
    Open folder as stacked tab
    Open folder as window - In bookmarks this works with alt-click or
    ctrl-click menu -> open folder in new window.

    I have not found way to do this from the speed dial page

    2a. When opening a folder as a window, open sub-folders as stacked tabs.

    3. Hibernate current tab/tab stack hot key.
    4. hibernate current background tabs hot key.
    5. Hibernate all except active hot key.
    6. Theme change when a tab is hibernating so it can been seen.
    7. Hibernate background tabs automatically after some timeout period.

    8. Stack all open tabs command.

    I have been using Tabs outliner in chrome for quite a while, so that is where some of these ideas come from.
    I realize I could install tabs outliner, but it seems that there is already a lot of that functionality here albeit in different forms. In reality pinned stacked tabs work very well for the few groups of tabs I want to keep active / available.

    For me, one of the big benefits of Tabs Outliner was the reduction in resource use through closing all unnecessary tabs, but
    being able to easily bring that window back with a click.

    The ability to create a stacked tab from a folder would be fantastic, and the clear ability to hibernate or close and reopen tab stacks would be great.

  • Not sure if this should be posted as a bug or not, but at least there's a feature request in here that will prevent this annoying bug to occur.

    Prevent Vivaldi from opening a second instance, and always create a new tab instead.

    Basically, when I close vivalde, it can take quite a while before vivaldi is entirely closed down. Many processes are still exiting. If I start a new vivaldi now, or before closing vivaldi, and I close this newly vivaldi AFTER the first one is closed, I lose all my tabs. This is quite frustrating and really needs to be fixed.

    The bug would be: Don't remove the vivaldi window from view until all but one processes have been closed, and display a message that vivaldi is still closing, or alternatively, prevent from running a new vivaldi if the current vivaldi is still in the process of launching. A third option would be MENU -> Restart Vivaldi, which closes vivaldi, waits until all processes are closed, then start a new one.

    Also, I'd love to have the ability to have the session backupped daily, so you can go back to the pages you had open yesterday. Pages you opened today is not a big deal if you miss them.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Proposal for secure download support

    TLDR - Trusted Linker Download Redirect
    Yngve if you are reading, can we evaluate this well documented HTTP extension for support and possible use ?

    Also, I believe we should be leading the way in standardising validated downloads, by including a box in the download/save as GUI, where hash keys can be pasted.
    Many sites expect users to paste hashes into a separate validation program, thus reducing the chances of it happening.
    The Avira devs like the idea and want to implement it for their browser "Scout".

    There is lots of emphasis on secure validated logins, and encrypted web pages, but little on secure validated downloads.
    HTTPS with a certificate is groovy, but currently fragile and cannot tell if your downloaded file is corrupt.
    Files are getting bigger, more critical, and more valuable, and we need to be handling them better (Just ask the Mint Linux users).

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    Please see the Vivaldi Feature Requests topic, (also sticky).

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