"Open link in new tab" behavior is erratic and downright bizarre

  • About a month ago, I recall a changelog entry that noted something to the effect of "Bring positioning of new tabs in line with other major browsers". With this, they removed the option to open new tabs next to the current one, and changed the option to open them "next to related tabs". With the way this works, I can't believe this is remotely the same as other browsers. Aside from not being able to open new tabs next to the current one, which I want, the problem is what defines a "related tab" is wildly inconsistent and sometimes downright bizarre. Here's an example: I typically have anywhere from 15-30 tabs open at once, and I keep reddit in a pinned tab all the way to the left. I'll middle click a reddit link, and it'll open next to three reddit.com tabs and another tab that was opened from reddit.com. Weird, but ok, fair, they're "related". Afterwards, I'm done reading the tab directly next to my pinned tab, and I decide I want to go to the Vivaldi forum to talk about the new tab behavior. I type vivaldi.com in the address bar, and move it way over towards the right to deal with it in a few minutes. Now, if I open a link in a new tab from my pinned reddit tab, it opens all the way on the right, next to the vivaldi.com tab. These are just a few examples of the bizarre and inconsistent behavior of new tab opening. Is there any fix planned for this? Any way to mitigate it presently (extensions?)? It's driving me insane.

  • What you call "weird", I'd call standard behaviour across browsers. Doesn't bother me.

  • It's normal to you that a new tab opens next to an old, completely unrelated tab, 20 tabs to the right of the one you're currently on?

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    Then why not use the "Next to tab" option instead of "Next to related"?

  • Yes. New tab opens at the end of the list. That's how I'm used to it. But see Pesala's post for a more useful answer.

  • @Pesala:

    Then why not use the "Next to tab" option instead of "Next to related"?

    Oh, looks like they added that back in. Last I checked, the only options were "Next to related" and "Always last". Thanks!

    I'd still like an option where CTRL+T opens tabs at the end, but clicked new tabs open next to the current one.

  • @aftli:

    Oh, looks like they added that back in. Last I checked, the only options were "Next to related" and "Always last". Thanks!

    As you I was about to write about this bizzare behavior and as you I'm happily surprised that "Next to Tab" is now available.

    But right clicking on a tab and selecting "New Tab" still opens at the far right side. I guess that's intentional but I would prefer also the new tab right beside the right clicked tab.
    And I would even prefer that the "+" should insert the new tab beside my currently active tab.

    And to repeat it: It would be so nice if pinned tabs could be moved freely. Only this way it is even possible to open a new tab right beside a pinned tab.

  • @RRR13:

    Second, pinned tabs should most definitely not be moved freely. I wouldn't mind having such an option even though I would definitely not use it, but again, life is so much better if you mentally lock the pinned tabs in a specific place on the tab bar and you don't have to chase them around the tab bar among the gazillions of other open tabs.

    Both those issues depend on the habits of the user, but trust me, some habits cause more trouble than others.

    Just for pointing out my rationale:
    I'm coming from O12 (where pinned tabs can be moved freely) and there I pin a tab when:
    😉 I want it to be always present in the browser and to be recognizable as an "important" tab
    😉 to prevent it from being closed unintentionally
    😉 to save space in the tab bar so on new and unfamiliar tabs I see more of the title text.

    New tabs open right beside these pinned tabs and so are grouped and recognizable as related to the very pinned tab.
    I can live with pinned tabs created to the far left. But it is quite confusing when in Vivaldi I'm within a pinned tab to the very left and a middle click opens the next tab forcefully to the very right.


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