A few more bugs

  • Found a few bugs. 1. Printing: When using "Letter" size paper(8.5x11), the top and bottom parts of the page are cut off. 2. Speed dial: Open a new tab. Click on the big plus sign. Across the bottom of the page are various small snapshots of pages that have been viewed. These could scroll horizontally in past versions of Vivaldi. Now they don't. 3. Site settings: Go to a web site and click on the icon that is just to the left of the 'http:". A small window opens with the "Site settings" link at the bottom. Are these settings for this site only, or all sites? I assumed they were for this site only but, that does not seem to be the case. 4. Where is the "Help" capability? Perhaps some of you could check these things to make sure that they are real bugs and not just a bad version of Vivaldi on my system. Thanks, RAE67

  • Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE; Vivaldi x64 Deb.

    #1 – i can't comment; i operate 100% digitally -- never print.

    #2 -- Confirmed.

    #3 -- Confirmed. Only opens the generic Content Settings for the browser overall. Not quite sure what i expected, but this wasn't it.

    #4 – Confirmed, but given the still-early stage of V development, this neither surprises or bothers me. I presume it'll come further down the track, & in the meanwhile i find these fora extremely helpful,

  • Vivaldi Team


    Thank you guys for helping us pick bugs off Vivaldi! 🙂 Although we are going through the forums it's always better to get bugs formally added to our bug tracker at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

    As for help we are working on a help system. However, there's a lot of great tips and help here: http://vivalditips.com/ thanks to some of our dedicated users. Consider this a shout-out to them! 🙂

    //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

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