Interface Language - UK English

  • Hi guys, I assume it's the interface language setting that affects the spellcheck language in input controls? If so would it be possible to add a UK English option please? May also be useful to have an additional option for this, so can have an interface and spellcheck language being different. I don't want this, but I'm guessing some might. Cheers, Westy

  • Moderator

    The userinterface is incomplete for some languages/dialects.

    But you can have it by opening chrome://settings/languages and set there what you need.
    I hpoe for you.

  • Ah yeah, that's got it!
    Thank you!

    Interestingly I had "English (US)" and "English" is there.
    I had to add "Engligh (UK)".
    I've removed "English". All seems fine.


    Yeah, superb!
    Just need this in the settings window at some point then please.



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